George Wassouf was born on December 23, 1961 in Kafroun village in Syria. His father Wadee Wassouf was a poet and he was the one who encouraged George to sing.

Wassouf started his artistic life at the age of 13 through participating in school celebrations and by the time he was 14 years old he was very well known as a singer to everybody in the city of Hems in Syria.

He then moved to Damascus where he started singing professionally and became a second stage singer there. However it was in Lebanon where his career took off and the first songs that led him to popularity in the Eighties was the hit Elhawa Sultan.

Because he was brought up listening to the legendary Egyptian diva Um KalthoumÕs songs, he always sings her songs at his parties. He is also fond of the late Salih Abdel Hay and Mohamed Abdul Mutaleb and also listens to Warda and Talal Al Maddah songs.

Wassouf has now released over 20 albums and his most famous songs include El Hawa Sultan, Sallamtak Beed Allah, Kalam Ennas, Lissa El Dunya Bikheer, El Hob El Kebeer, Tabeeb Garah, Laiel El Ashekin, El Hob El Awalani and Dul Mush Habayeb.

For the first time this definitive Very Best Of compilation spans the artists entire career to date on the various labels he has recorded with and includes all these songs from Ana Msafer in 1982 to his hit Dul Mush Habayeb from his 2000 released album.

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