• Gary Moore (April 4th1952 - February 6th 2011) RIP

    Fev 7 2011, 21h17 por redaxe90

    It is with a heavy heart and a serious case of regret, that I inform you my friends that this wonderful musical talent is no longer with us. According to BBC Northern Ireland he passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning, in his hotel room at Costa Del Sol in Spain, where he was on holiday.

    Gary Moore was a very special talent, starting off with his old band Skid Row and later his solo career as well as a contributing artist in Thin Lizzy,Colosseum II , Scars, G-Force and BBM.

    I was introduced to his music by a training buddy of mine, when I was only 13 years old, back in 1981. From the very moment I heard his special techniques and his truly phenomenal sound, I was hooked and looked in anticipation for everything he ever contributed. Who can ever forget songs like Parisienne Walkways, Empty Rooms or Out in the Fields? Not to mention all the other music he added his special talents to.

    I always meant to travel to see him play live…
  • Still Got the Blues

    Fev 6 2011, 21h43 por Ares-IG

    Помню, как долго в детстве я фанател от Still Got the Blues, при этом не имея понятия, кто ее исполняет. Когда в наушниках звучала Parisienne Walkways, на самом деле забывалось, что гуляешь по Минску, а не по Парижу. Cold Day in Hell заставляла держать удар и двигаться дальше, когда личная жизнь шла под откос. Separate Ways помогала оставаться при этом друзьями. А под Empty Rooms я как-то танцевал с одной прекрасной дамой...

    Я никогда не назвал бы его среди моих любимых исполнителей, но при этом его музыка так или иначе сопровождала меня по жизни. И только сейчас, внезапно, пришло осознание этого.

    Gary Moore роскошно играл на гитаре. Сегодня его не стало...
    Покойся с миром, великий.

    "Here in my heart there's an empty space, where you used to be".

  • Belgium Rhythm 'n' Blues Festival Peer 2006

    Jul 17 2006, 11h01 por Neoray

    On the 14,15 and 16th of July, Peer in Belgium was invaded for the 22th time, by some of the world's finest blues artists! In this journal I'll try to give you an idea about how the festival was. It was my first time in Peer, but it will certainly NOT be the last time!

    Friday 14 July 2006

    On Friday, I only had the chance to see the last performance. My dad and I arrived quite late after a 3 hours drive, and had to put up the tent first. I'l give an idea about the other groups too, but be aware that this is only based upon other people's comments.

    1. Dr. Blue Beat (B)

    This Belgian band, resident in Peer itself, had the honour to open the BRBF 2006. They bring a mix of and . According to some visitors, this band showed what it had in it's power, and created an exelent atmosphere to open the festival with.

    2. Julian Sas (NDL)

    Also called, the 'JimiHendrix' of the Netherlands. After 9 cd's and 1 dvd in 10 years time, this Dutch trio has learned how to get the crowd on its side. …
  • Happy Birthday Mark!

    Mai 6 2006, 22h14 por Flutey

    I'd like to dedicate today's journal to one of the biggest musical influences in my life, my brother. Yes without him and his music collection, I would have remained innocent to the joys of Out of the Blue, nor would I be as intimately familiar with everyone's favourite mall singer, Tiffany.

    It was his CDs of Martika and Gloria Estefan and The Miami Sound Machine that graced my first portable CD player in 1989. And he was the first to laugh when, after the very first night, I managed to kill the rechargeable battery by connecting the charger backwards (damn that reverse polarity plug!).

    And as I grew into my teenage years, it was his Kerrang and Guitar World magazines that I reverently thumbed through as I hesistantly learned how to play More Than Words and Wonderwall. And it was on his Fender Stratocaster (with the volume on really low so I wouldn't piss my mum off) that I learnt how to play the intro to Sweet child of Mine.

    So to the person that gave me While My Guitar Gently Weeps