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  • My top 6...bands compared to Galaxie 500

    Jul 27 2006, 12h03 por grange85

    It's sad fact of life that lazy journalists resort to cheap comparisons rather than actually write about the music they're reviewing. It's also a fact that consumers often appreciate an easy reference point.

    Tons of bands have Galaxie 500 dropped into their reviews - most are either unworthy or downright wrong. This is a list of bands that I have discovered because I love Galaxie 500...Tacoma Radar - of the bands in this list Tacoma Radar are probably the one band that the comparison fits very comfortably - the single Pilothouse is an absolute gem and really ought to be in every Galaxie 500 fans collection. The album No One Waved Goodbye is just more of the very lovely same. As a lazy journalist would say..."if you love Galaxie 500 you're going to love Tacoma Radar".The Clientele like a couple of other artists on this list are here because they have expressed a fondness for Galaxie 500 and therefore given the reviewers an easy paragraph or two. …