From Ashes Rise is an American hardcore punk band, formed in Nashville, Tennessee in the mid-’90s. They helped define the gloom-heavy thrash sound attributed to groups like His Hero is Gone and Tragedy. Along with Tragedy, the group then relocated to Portland, Oregon.

Representative of a staunchly underground breed of aggressive, basement punk, the band signed with Jade Tree. Drawing on obscure hardcore bands from Scandinavia and Japan, as well as Discharge’s venerated “D-beat,” From Ashes Rise helped bring an aggressive sound to Jade Tree. The band split up in Fall 2005 after doing a tour with the legendary UK band, the Subhumans. The statement issued by their record label Jade Tree Records on November 3, 2005:

R.I.P. FROM ASHES RISE 1997-2005
We here at Jade Tree hate to be the bearers of bad news, but, sadly, FROM ASHES RISE has broken up. The thrash lords of Portland via Nashville had a good run lasting nearly eight years and left behind a legacy of great records, including our personal favorite, Nightmares (JT1088). The band made a brief statement regarding the split earlier today: “It was a great ride for many years but all things pass [and] so do punk bands. So to all of you, know that the money you spent, the time and effort on this band was the drive and will for us to continue for many years and for that we give thanks. From Ashes Rise played all over and met some of the world’s best people and did some crazy ass shit along the way. You never realize that when you’re doing it that it will ever end. But, we all wanted a change and are still doing bands and playing punk rock… As long as people listen to our records, keep memories and want or were part of our long walk on a short pier, then so be it. So now go start your own band!” So raise your fist, drop the needle on the LP and remember a great band today.

On October 12, 2009 a reunion show at the Satyricon in Portland, OR for February 21, 2010 was announced via the band’s MySpace blog.


Brad Boatright - Guitar, vocals
Also of Deathreat and Warcry, Formerly of The Cooters, No Parade, Midnight and World Burns To Death
Billy Davis - Bass
(recording on “Nightmares” album), Also of Deathreat and Tragedy
Dave Atchison - Drums
Formerly of No Parade and Assassinate, Currently drums for VA Punk band Smoke or Fire
John Wilkerson - Guitar, vocals
Also of Coldbringer
Derek Willman - Bass
Also of Hellshock, The Estranged, and Coldbringer, Formerly of Remains Of The Day


* Fragments of a Fallen Sky (1998) 7” on Clean Plate Records
* Life and Death (1999) 7” on Partners In Crime Records
* Concrete & Steel (2000) LP on Feral Ward Records
* Discography (2000) CD on Feral Ward Records
* Silence (2000) LP on Feral Ward Records
* From Ashes Rise/Victims (2003) split LP on Havoc Records
* Nightmares (2003) CD on Jade Tree/LP on Havoc Records

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