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  • vibrationofsoul

    Their recorded sound doesn't do the live show justice. When glass monster gets into full effect the sound is crushing. Very underrated and I look forwards to their future

    maio 2014
  • XfnSnow

    Featured in my 2013 Journal.

    janeiro 2014
  • Ceyvel

    Great North is incredibly intense. A masterpiece - no less!

    setembro 2013
  • Rumblefishing2

    I don't think I missed one day listening to Great North since I discovered it. A B S O L U T E L Y - G E N U I N E L Y - F A B U L O U S !!

    agosto 2013
  • Chiasmus77

    Great North is possibly the best record I've listened to this year.

    agosto 2013
  • thehatchet777

    one of the bleakest post-rock albums I've heard. It's like a less droney "Tunnel Blanket"

    agosto 2013
  • Rumblefishing2

    Great North is fabulous !

    agosto 2013
  • macbeth_goth

    i'm stuck between to audycja o życiu pomiędzy znaczeniami.o wędrówce w stronę zachodzącego słońca poprzez dźwięki progresywne, chropowato-gładkie, agresywno-łagodne (czasami nawet łagodno-agresywne!), kanciasto-zaokrąglone, szybko-powolne... Serdecznie zapraszam :)

    janeiro 2012

    Come back to Sydney - we'd love to play with you!

    abril 2011
  • LeroyP

    cheers for the link

    setembro 2010
  • liamsnice

    free fourteen nights at sea downloads -

    agosto 2010
  • MattHira

    What a band!

    dezembro 2009