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  • Kemendil

    Running length: 1 track? What the...

    setembro 2012
  • javra

    somehow the best... why cant bands get better...

    março 2010
  • NowegianBoy


    dezembro 2009
  • DinoSaysRawrXO

    gota luv floggy molly :)

    outubro 2009
  • NUTZnilie

    Devil's Dance Floor definitely IS on this album!

    outubro 2009
  • scottyorange

    devil's dancefloor isn't on this album is it? a different one perhaps?

    setembro 2009
  • Khartas

    Only 4 shouts for this amazing album?

    junho 2009
  • BostonIrish

    the 1st time I heard of them was at the warped tour when they were supporting this album. i remember hearing them in the distance and thinking "who the fuck is that?!" I rushed over to find out!

    setembro 2008
  • abstract2

    Highly Recommended Album - Great variety and well versed. These guys are great!

    julho 2008
  • chrom-

    Fantastic album, no filler.

    janeiro 2008
  • Marcusml333

    Cool album.

    setembro 2007