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  • asilentfire

    Never read the comments at the beginning of a track!

    julho 2014
  • Malkamillian

    Hear one Explosions in the Sky track, hear them all...

    março 2014
  • wrandyvelasquez

    Jeremy Leabres, Emerica - "Made: Chapter One"

    janeiro 2014
  • NaTeczKaa

    Jesus this song has totally grown on me. [2]

    dezembro 2013
  • deborahramos

    This song reminds me a lot of the instrumental elements of WuLyf. It's definitely become my favorite Explosions in the Sky track - not directionless at all. It builds and breaks, lots of depth.

    novembro 2013
  • tributewg

    Looking for some new post-rock for your library? Maybe you'd like to try AUDIOCÆNEAT!

    outubro 2013
  • benxander

    Unlike anything else they've done. Have to disagree with it being 'directionless'.

    setembro 2013
  • boeckson


    junho 2013
  • A_Raging_Bull

    Glory be to infinity!

    março 2013
  • GoodGoodNotBad

    Jesus this song has totally grown on me.

    março 2013
  • asipaleadeci

    This song should be in one of those documentaries where they have footage from helicopters swooping over those amazing mountains in New Zealand or something. [2]

    outubro 2012
  • PattyPierce

    Perfection. My fav.

    março 2012
  • littletellurian

    fevereiro 2012
  • strongarm

    first heard walking around antigua guatemala while on my ipod while smoking weed at night. This song is amazing and will always remind me of that

    fevereiro 2012
  • Audiobinge

    janeiro 2012
  • rezovor

    I play this song everyday - Seriously. Totally in love with it. The whole album is just... amazing.

    janeiro 2012
  • bern_rdo


    dezembro 2011
  • IlaiA

    Seeing this live in a month, I am going to cry. Shit.

    dezembro 2011
  • Dohnto

    spring came suddenly in winter... with explosions

    dezembro 2011
  • Kentoshogun

    It's almost epic.

    dezembro 2011
  • shaunpwnsu

    Snare sound sucks in this :(

    novembro 2011
  • Sinsinatti


    novembro 2011
  • notreally27

    this track is love

    novembro 2011
  • jewstar

    <3 exploz are so guud live

    novembro 2011
  • Bub_Clifton

    I love EITS but this track is pretty directionless.

    outubro 2011
  • missmetal86

    You’ve scrobbled this track 25 times. You first scrobbled it on 30 Mar 2011. You love this track. need moooaaarrr >___<

    setembro 2011
  • ricard0_

    AWESOME <3

    setembro 2011
  • Aramaki_

    Indeed, what a great opening track

    agosto 2011
  • James_Hartley

    love the towering wail of the guitars

    agosto 2011
  • CityOfDoors

    Amazing opening.

    julho 2011
  • mapoot


    julho 2011
  • Cuperdon

    looooooove it![2] Probably tops Burial on the Presidio Banks by This Will Destroy You.

    julho 2011
  • bernardolm

    one the best of eits songs

    julho 2011
  • mehdispy

    one of the greatest song i ever heard in my whole life !!

    julho 2011
  • well_well_well_

    looooooove it!

    junho 2011
  • li150girl

    reminds me of someone I loved once (and likely always will)

    junho 2011
  • corky64


    junho 2011
  • vanillasky79

    what a beautiful opening to start such a lovely LP. i have always loved this band and this song especially is just great. i hope one day to listen to it with that someone special and just float in its beauty.

    junho 2011
  • 9Nails

    The first three minutes are some of the best I've ever heard from them. The whole song should have been built around the opening..

    junho 2011
  • mehdispy

    opening of the song is the best part

    junho 2011
  • MarcoXalana

    @ searsi: glad he didn't, cause the new dredg is a total mess

    maio 2011
  • Najlaa_23

    totally a masterpiece <3

    maio 2011
  • xoveroathx

    ~4:00 onwards...

    maio 2011
  • xBoatSnHoeSx21

    beautiful music

    maio 2011
  • rhaixxa

    My ears are just glued from the start to the end of the song.

    maio 2011
  • needmymusictoda

    :) - nice - thank you

    maio 2011
  • MangGaga


    maio 2011
  • Xarthok

    i had intercourse to this track

    abril 2011
  • boredmx

    the flower song from the flower album. :)

    abril 2011
  • libel7

    I hope they will star the concerts with this song!

    abril 2011