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  • fiddss

    Rediscovered this while rewatching The OC. This song is gold.

    abril 2012
  • FairytaleGoneBa

    fevereiro 2012
  • amandacattt

    so, so, so

    julho 2011
  • ghealai

    hermosa :')

    junho 2011
  • brighterthan

    Have you ever felt such a strong urge towards a song that each time it plays you can never stop it or skip it? With this song, I can't seem to skip it. I need to finish listening to it.

    fevereiro 2011
  • djskein79

    Known this one since it came out in 06. Always sounded like a more experimental Postal Service.

    agosto 2010
  • Bury_u_n_Time

    i just noticed the way he says "danglin'" in the first line. endearing.

    julho 2010
  • ElinNilssons

    This song is so beautiful, i absolutely love it

    janeiro 2010
  • chagota88


    dezembro 2009
  • ninjablaster

    nice, cool, great, you like the bass? that's stupid. this is as beautiful as music gets.

    novembro 2009
  • siljalevanen

    I just discovered this song tonight, and I can't stop listening to it :) I love the song, the lyrics, just everything about it. It's a new favourite.

    julho 2009
  • sixtimesinmay

    and I hope you're learning to listen and I hope you're learning to stay... and I hope you'll find what you're missing... love this song, great lyrics

    julho 2009
  • myriadworlds


    julho 2009
  • zjps505033

    love it

    junho 2009
  • zwecke21

    AWESOME.... love it :D

    junho 2009
  • Cre8tiveJuices

    amazing. I love him. Radical Face rocks as well!

    junho 2009
  • freewaffles

    awesome, i'm speechless.

    junho 2009
  • Taralita

    brillant song, gets me everytime

    maio 2009
  • Mister_Tweak's so damn's so damn slow.

    maio 2009
  • currorubira

    great! Electric for President

    abril 2009
  • dominiquejeanne

    this song describes me perfectly, i'm completely obsessed.

    abril 2009
  • AaronsAllRight

    i like the bass ^.^

    abril 2009
  • BelialInYou

    this rhythm is adorable addictable.. could listen to it a thousand times and would still love it

    abril 2009
  • eighttwo


    março 2009
  • ejames076

    this is my favorite song on the album. a very fitting video.

    março 2009
  • pandagarong

    love it so much

    março 2009
  • fantomasek19

    hmm, pekna pesnicka...

    março 2009
  • raunaq87

    I hope you're learning to listen And I hope you're learning to stay And I hope you find what you're missing And I hope that you're making you're way

    fevereiro 2009
  • freelimbs

    it's an itch that i'll never stop scratching; it's a hole that i'll never quite fill.

    janeiro 2009
  • oaxakitajux

    My favorite new band!!!

    janeiro 2009
  • fredyfatal

    its so damn slow

    janeiro 2009
  • kellyelephant

    This doesn't sound anything like The Postal Service to me, unless the fact that both bands incorporate some electronics is enough to say they sound alike. Brilliant song.

    janeiro 2009
  • davemj


    janeiro 2009
  • NowaSowa

    got no problem with the 'ooooooo's meself :-)

    dezembro 2008
  • imposterpockets

    i love the clickity, ratchety percussion. not so keen on the "ooo... oooo...." backup singers, though.

    novembro 2008
  • ekesner

    Really nice.

    outubro 2008
  • cheesesandwich

    The hopelessness hits too close to home. I tear up every time.

    outubro 2008
  • Nuit_BIanche

    i am happy i have found this band, they are great!

    agosto 2008
  • thaneel25


    junho 2008
  • Lukilu

    pretty postal servicey..

    junho 2008
  • SwitchfootILove

    i love the texture of this song

    junho 2008
  • moviescptending

    its an itch that i'll never stop scratching, its a hole that ill never quite fill... what a beautiful song.

    fevereiro 2008
  • E-man001111

    Great song by a good band

    janeiro 2008
  • Risyea

    its a hole ill never quite fill.....

    julho 2007
  • MiserableLie

    how come I haven't heard about them before?!?!?!?! ahhhh, I'm in love with Insomnia

    maio 2007
  • magnoz

    this is soooo great *drool* <3

    fevereiro 2007