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  • shitcastle

    Great stuff

    junho 2011
  • xFabby

    Why has no one ever told me about this. Whyy

    outubro 2010
  • adamcooleyisdea

    First electronic artist I was ever obsessed with. Still in a lot of ways haven't heard an IDM artist that is so badass..

    agosto 2010
  • mokra_kiszka

    ja pierdole niszczy mi to morde

    julho 2010
  • matimpulsif

    great !

    dezembro 2009
  • maladziec

    zamieszanie jak na meczu polski z białorusią

    novembro 2009
  • sweetdy

    the confused designer might be his best - heartbeat of a dog is amazing.

    maio 2009
  • brokoloid

    DELEATED CHEMISTRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    abril 2009
  • OneGunHero

    Its like a cleaner (more coheasive) Aphex Twin style. I snorkd it into my brainpan. ..//system_save_enjoy_commencing;

    janeiro 2009
  • conoyarou

    I wonder if japanese women listen to such music, sexy japanese women.

    janeiro 2009
  • staykovmarin

    i wonder if women listen to such music. sexy women

    dezembro 2008
  • mohadib_


    dezembro 2008
  • sidewinder03

    The only album of his I would not recommend is The Confused Designer. The others are brilliant, indeed.

    dezembro 2008
  • staykovmarin


    novembro 2008
  • sktrdie

    Its ok

    novembro 2008
  • Utopie

    Random Activities and Broken Sunsets is fuckin great too I discovered 8fm about 2 days ago and since that I can't help playing the whole discography

    julho 2008
  • clicK3

    "The Abduction Of Barry" seems to be Ken's best.

    junho 2008
  • SixShooterSam

    dod O dadag

    maio 2008
  • eternalreturn

    haha... I simply LOVE the description.... Listening to 8 Frozen Modules is the aural equivalent of removing one's brain, slicing it very finely, and reinserting in random order. So true! So true!

    dezembro 2007
  • the_real_maniac

    /me <3 Eight Frozen Modules -> Lifestyle Drugs

    dezembro 2007
  • atoga

    his dancehall 12s are fockin' mental

    dezembro 2007
  • j0yrex


    setembro 2007
  • kimoni

    Cab Riding hobbyists. What a sublime track.

    janeiro 2007
  • scrobz

    or My Tawdry Efforts Lurk Inside the Finger of a Pusherman!

    dezembro 2006