• Night of Untold Depauchery Pt. 9 - Caution at Noon 6/09

    Jun 13 2009, 0h39 por djgizmoe

    Alright, don't ask me where the hell I got the energy, but recently I've been excited with the possibilities of 'sneakng' out to see shows. But my recent attempts at late night revelry have all involved me tired and drunk circa 2 AM, skulking back to a capsule hotel, licking my wounds and vowing never again to stay out late.

    Well, it's a good thing I didn't learn, because last night was a memorable one, if not 100% funtastic. After class in Umeda, I dropped into Canopy for a beer with my grad school classmates, but soon after headed to Noon for their Caution event. I'd never been to Noon before, but I knew the venue, right under the tracks, 'round the corner from Cafe Caliente and the Loft on the Hankyu side of the Umeda world. Turns out on time is early (as I sorta suspected) so with 15 minutes or so to kill, I headed for the convenience store down the block for a snack.

    Who should I bump into but OVe-NaXx (and his pregnant gaijin wife/girlfriend?!? - I didn't pry) along with Ka4u. …