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  • BlancaXLobo

    i love the cover's artwork. who makes it?

    novembro 2013
  • PatroFloyd

    Unbearable album.... I'm a great fan and frequent listener of EVE 6 and I must say this is just.... horrible. Autotune? WTF MAN.

    setembro 2013
  • MrFamalam

    One of their best album!

    abril 2012
  • peeves111

    hard to believe its been almost 11 years! wow!

    março 2011
  • peeves111

    underrated indeed. i got this album when it first came out and basically wore down my copy. probably one of the best rock albums i've owned. brings back some good memories

    março 2011
  • Dahminator

    This disc is so underrated. On The Roof Again is such a jam.

    setembro 2010
  • liverpoolluke12


    março 2009
  • last225fm

    gonna jump gonna jump gonna die this year

    fevereiro 2009
  • kateatsmouse

    I <3 this album so much. eve6 will always be one of my favorite bands.

    maio 2008
  • escapismmaster

    Very solid one of the first parental advisory cds I bought.

    agosto 2007
  • cadellkeeper

    Here's to Tonight - definitely a song that ive always remembered

    abril 2007