• Doves @ Brixton Academy - 2nd May 2009

    Mai 10 2009, 2h53 por Al_73

    Well, I'd been waiting a long time to see these guys & tonight was the night! :D A few hiccups on the way here - helped by London Underground kindly deciding to close Brixton tube station - but luckily they were the only problems I encountered tonight!

    With a little Jack Daniels & Southern Comfort coursing through my veins, the lights darkened at about 9.30pm &, to the metallic clatter of the intro to Jetstream, they walked onstage. I just had a feeling they'd start with this song & they didn't disappoint me! In fact, this was one of the best starts to any gig I've been to recently as the first five songs they played were on my secret wishlist of songs I hoped they'd play :D Jetstream was followed by the cinematic sweep of the lovely Snowden & for the first of many times this evening, the colony of goosebumps that live in my spine, went into overdrive. This was beautiful! My fave track from the new album - Winter Hill - followed. This song really is everything that is great about Doves wrapped into 5 minutes. …