Doomtree is a record label. Doomtree is a rap crew. Doomtree is a family. Over the past five years Doomtree has become one of the most highly regarded hip-hop collectives in the Midwest, thanks to our innovative recordings, explosive live shows, and tireless work ethic. By combining the blueprint of hip hop with the DIY ethos of punk and a slew of disparate artistic and musical influences, Doomtree has won the favor of a broad range of audiences. We are as likely to find fans at indie rock shows as we are at rap shows or basement dance parties. In the past several years the collective has grown to include the lyrical and production talents of more than a dozen core members. The members of Doomtree come from a wide variety of backgrounds and musical interests, but join together to create some of the most forward-thinking beats and rhymes this side of 1987.

As a record label Doomtree began by putting out short runs of home-burned EP’s called False Hopes. The early False Hopes recordings, although currently out of print, prompted The City Pages to note that “combined, [they] would have made one of the best local rap albums, well, ever.” The False Hopes tradition continues today (albeit with a higher production quality) with the recent releases of Dessa and Cecil Otter’s respective discs. Doomtree’s first official release was last year’s Ipecac Neat by rapper P.O.S. The response was ridiculous. The Star Tribune dubbed the record “Best Album of the Year.” Doomtree was nominated for five Minnesota Music Awards (MMA) and selected as Hip Hop Artist of the Year by local press. Ipecac Neat has now been licensed for re-release on Rhymesayers Entertainment, and is introducing the Doomtree name to rap households across the country. Doomtree’s newset release is Lights Out Paris from Sims. Released on 7-28-05, the album has already been called one of the best of the year by local press, has been nominated for Best Hip Hop Album by the MMA, and given 4.5 stars by Urb Magazine. If the music writers and fans can be trusted, Doomtree is scheduled to be the next explosion out of Minneapolis—a city with a growing reputation as the middle-western capitol of the underground. Set your egg timers.

Currently Doomtree is preparing for full-lengths from Cecil Otter, Valiant & Valiant (Dessa and Marshall Larada), Mictlan & Lazerbeak, but first a compilation featuring the entire Doomtree roster.

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