Don Juan Matus was formed as a studio project in Lima, Perú, in late 2005 by Joaquín Cuadra and Richard Nossar.
After several months of sporadic jam sessions as a duo (drums - guitar), Joaquín met bassist Hugo Elías through a mutual friend and invited him to join.
With the arrival of Elías, rehearsals became more frequent and the band started to be taken seriously. It was around this time that Richard suggested changing the name to Don Juan Matus (the band was already operating under the moniker Los Brujos del Bosque Encantado (The Wizards from the Enchanted Woods)) and recording as soon as possible, with the goal of self-producing a 7” single or EP. After a while, it became clear that Hugo wasn’t too enthusiastic about recording. Musical and ideological differences led the band to a period of inactivity towards the end of year.
After a few phone conversations, Joaquín and Richard got together again in January 2007 and decided to search for a new bass player. Richard asked Oscar Reategui B., who plays guitar in the HC band Dios Hastío, to come and jam with them. He came to one rehearsal but things didn’t work out due to a lack of chemistry.
The definitive replacement for Elías came in the shape of Richard’s long-time friend Manolo Garfias, who joined the band a couple of weeks prior to the recording of Superzarza at Fonola Mobile Studios on February 20th 2007.
Don Juan Matus’ eponymous debut full-lenght was recorded between late February (starting with the above-mentioned recording) and mid-August 2007. With only a couple of songs rehearsed, most of the album material was written in the studio and produced by the trio with the assistance (in the final phase) of brothers Saúl and Manuel Cornejo of New Juggler Sound/Laghonia/We All Together fame. Guest musicians included Félix Varvarande, Saúl Cornejo, guitar hero Javier Mosquera, singer Alex Rojas and Carlos Torres, with the participation of recording engineer Miguel Yance.
By September, the band had been approached by José Morón (Dios Hastío’s singer and owner of Impulso Ruin Records) who was looking for a group to start a new label (Espíritus Inmundos) with. José became interested in Don Juan Matus after hearing a couple of samples and offered to release the album on CD as soon as the mastering was finished. A modest limited edition of 300 copies was released through Espíritus Inmundos in mid-October.
At the end of October the band decided to accept a deal with Nasoni Records from Berlin, Germany. The disc was remastered by Eroc of Grobschnitt fame and scheduled for a mid-January 2008 release.
In December, the band entered the studio once more to cut a track for a split 7” with Germany’s Angel of Damnation, to be released in early 2008 through Golden Procession (Japan) and Espíritus Inmundos (Perú). After the recording was finished, Alex Rojas was invited to join the band as a full-time member and he accepted.
In late January 2008, Nasoni Records released the band’s debut album on LP and CD to widespread critical acclaim.
In early February the group returned to MCA Studios to record their second album, which was produced by Garfias and Nossar and finished on May 3th. During the recording process, personal problems arose again between founder members Joaquín Cuadra and Richard Nossar, ending with the departure of Cuadra from the band. The album was completed with Garfias and recording engineer Miguel Yance sharing drumming duties (Yance also played tabla on one track). Guest musicians included Javier Mosquera on guitar, Manuel Cornejo on piano and Piero Chávez-Velando on farfisa organ.
A couple of weeks prior to the end of the recording sessions, the band recruited Veronik as singer, piper (at the gates of dawn), guitarrist and thereminist, giving a new dimension to their already unique sound.
The band is currently working on a couple of songs, with new drummer Alfonso Vargas, for a possible single or EP.

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