Death Metal - Sweden
Lyrical themes: Blood, Fire, Death

Daniel Gustavsson : Guitarra
Martin Schulman : Baixo
Sverker Widgren : Vocais
Johan Jansson : Vocais, Guitarra
Fredrik Widigs : Bateria

Bloodspell Divine (Démo - 2006)
Demonical - Absu (Split - 2007)
Servants of the Unlight (CD - 2007)
Hellsworn (CD - 2009)
Demonical Vs. Paganizer (Split - 2010)
Death Infernal (CD - 2011)

Demonical was spawned in March 2006 - by former Centinex members Johan Jansson (guitars & vocals), Martin Schulman (bass) and Ronnie Bergerståhl (drums) - with a mission to return to the roots of death metal and deliver a sheer dose of darkness and brutality.

The first audio assault - a four track promo attack entitled “Bloodspell Divine” - was recorded at Necromorbus Studios during July the same year.

In November 2006 Demonical added vocalist Ludvig Engellau to the line-up - ‘cause Johan wanted to fully concentrate on the six-string axe - and signed a worldwide multi-album deal with German Cyclone Empire.

The bands first full-length album - “Servants Of The Unlight” - was recorded at both Black Lounge and Necromorbus Studios during January and February 2007 and released in April the same year.

In November 2007 Temple of Darkness released a limited Demonical/Absu 7”EP featuring one track from the “Bloodspell Divine” promo.

In December 2007 the band parted ways with vocalist Ludvig Engellau due to musical and personal reasons. Demonical continued for a few months with various session vocalists until late March 2008 when Sverker “Widda” Widgren came on board as the new fulltime frontman.

The bands second full-length album “Hellsworn” was recorded at Necromorbus Studios between December 2008 and February 2009 and released by Cyclone Empire in May 2009.

A split 7”EP with Paganizer was released by Cyclone Empire in early 2010. This limited vinyl featured an exclusive Demonical track recorded at the “Hellsworn” session.

In September 2010 Demonical once again entered Necromorbus Studios in order to record “Death Infernal”, their anticipated third full-length album.
The album was recorded throughout the fall and released in Europe by Cyclone Empire (April 2011) and in north-America by Metal Blade (July 2011) as a limited digi-CD, regular CD and limited LP.

The album was praised by fans and media and climbed high at reader-polls in several magazines.
During the fall 2011 drummer Ronnie Bergerståhl decided to leave the band due to scheduling conflicts and he was quickly replaced by the young and talented Fredrik Widigs.

After “Death Infernal” was released the band decided to add a second guitarist for live situations. A few session members were used at several tours until Daniel Gustavsson joined as a full-time member during the summer 2012.

Demonical are now focusing on new material and the realization of a fourth full-length, a process which will take place at Necromorbus Studios in Stockholm between late November 2012 and late January 2013.

The album will be released in April/May 2013 and supported by a world tour.

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