Roadies and guitar techs, we have all come to know their presence at many concerts and shows. These are the guys that set the stage up, fine tune the instruments, and make sure everything is in place for the big show. For Rob Defaze, this was an everyday reality but merely being involved behind scenes of music was simply not enough. Stepping out from behind the shadows, Rob auditioned for 2007’s American Idol Philadelphia and met with many producers to finally work with Mongoloid Studio and Roee Star to co-produce his debut album. Defaze released, “The Re-Creation”, in April of 2009 independently selling thousands worldwide through ITunes and Amazon. After a large amount of radio play around Europe, US-based Rob Defaze has had worldwide publicity with singles like, “You & Yourself” and “Home For The Summer”. Rob single-handedly writes all the songs including each separate instrument and also produced his debut album. Rob Defazes next 2010 album, “Digistrology”, shall be released under his full name than instead of “Defaze” and will feature a very digital song writing side to the future in Defaze’s music.
Rob Defaze plans to deliver a more modern digital sound with the upcoming album “Digistrology” which is due out later this year. Digistrology will consist of 20 brand new songs and an extra 10 song limited version “Deluxe Edition” released exclusively on UK iTunes only.

influences: Everything

Members of Defaze Is: Rob Defaze (Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist)
Featuring Live Band: Thomas J. Stark (Bassist),Tomer Ram (Drummer), DJ Goast (Samples / Effects)

Site of the Band: or
Booking Contact :!/pages/Defaze/81112183047?ref=ts

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