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  • OfeliaClaveBuen

    Love you bro

    maio 2014
  • nicolasbj

    Rata Blanca sacó mucha influencia de este tema y disco.

    abril 2014
  • nicolasbj

    LOL the lyrics. epic music

    abril 2014
  • saczawa


    fevereiro 2014
  • AlexChaus


    janeiro 2014
  • OcellatedGod


    dezembro 2013
  • annabell-3714


    julho 2013
  • KingFahtah


    junho 2013
  • adventureba


    junho 2013
  • mickelsen51

    classic deep purple

    abril 2013
  • Ezekiel22


    março 2013
  • Eye_Gore

    They opened with this song at their reunion show in '85. It brought down the Joe in Detroit!

    fevereiro 2013
  • hellllriderrrrr


    dezembro 2012
  • BeluSam

    volverte loca durante años with knocking at your back door ;)

    dezembro 2012
  • ChrisFallout

    Have to thank my dad for getting me into this band. This is without a doubt one of those rare tracks that's just as amazing the 100th time you listen to it as it was at the 1st listen. Blare it and it transcends :)

    outubro 2012
  • JohnnyWillRebel

    This is one of the best tunes to come out of the early '80's. I can't deny it with the smile on her face. I went to see DP in concert when this came out, and they blew us away. Blackmore put fire into his performance. Gillian was awesome with spot on perfect vocals. Perfect it was.

    setembro 2012
  • Thommy05

    Das ist die einzig wahre Musik. Einfach nicht zu toppen. KLASSE

    setembro 2012
  • nikola_zama

    RockLiberation shut the fuch up, this is that first heavy metal (both heavy metal and hard rock) where from the metal you know and call heavy metal came.

    agosto 2012
  • xDx3xPx


    agosto 2012
  • RockLiberation

    ... this isn't "Heavy Metal" ... who the fuck tagged this? I'm guessing someone who listens to soft ballads.

    junho 2012
  • FernandoVGP


    junho 2012
  • OzzyCrowley

    good ole ROCK

    junho 2012
  • zoborey

    datt solo!!

    maio 2012
  • sebadagostino

    Every time I listen to this song I start to... Ohh Ohhh Ohhh Ohhh Ohhh Ohhhhh Ohhhhhh Ohhhhhh Ohhhhhhh

    março 2012
  • ericshep

    this song is about sex that includes your head., the one on yer shoulders.Hot hard and nasty is always good. but find someone that stimulates the big muscle and now you got somethin.If you can get that stuff steamy and moist with your brain ! ooh look out!

    fevereiro 2012
  • zoborey

    dat riff!

    dezembro 2011
  • Etedesco

    of course, the elders always know much more, only you like rock n roll, the real rock. please, give me a break...

    dezembro 2011
  • oldiesfanjohn

    most of yunz prolly don`t know what this song is about,i bet

    novembro 2011
  • Etedesco

    This is - music and album - the best of Deep Purple!

    novembro 2011
  • JohnnyWillRebel


    agosto 2011
  • fender-regent

    Great !

    julho 2011
  • DaveBaldwin

    " get into her pants we had to be the aristocracy...." Deep Purple never disappoints lyrically or musically. IF you are a true fan you get INTO Deep Purple rocking live, blasting on your head phones or resonating in your head!

    junho 2011
  • promisedeyes


    maio 2011
  • ericshep


    maio 2011
  • michouz


    abril 2011
  • energie56


    março 2011
  • paco_hojaverde

    I'm sorry, I'm just not able to get into the live version quite as well as the studio version. Great song though!

    fevereiro 2011
  • Tarkus10

    This masterpiece is about anal sex.

    fevereiro 2011
  • Frank-Oliver

    It's not the kill - it's the thrill of chase :-) Best intro besides Future World by Pretty Maids

    janeiro 2011
  • endote

    this is my favourite Purple track of all time. Every member plays their part perfectly. The solo is 'showy' enough without being pretentious, the organs are thick sounding, the drums and bass lock in tight and the vocals are spot on. When Gillan holds that note at around 5:07 and ends on the vibrato, it's just bliss. Vocal harmonies are sweet too.(I might like this song too much...).

    janeiro 2011
  • kikikirsche

    ღ ♫ღ

    janeiro 2011
  • DAVARRI616

    one of my favorites song of deep purple

    janeiro 2011
  • ArekkerA

    Pure rock!

    novembro 2010
  • nubjer

    godfatherrock!!!!!!!!!! SUBBA

    outubro 2010
  • traceyeakes


    outubro 2010
  • frank_62

    Deep Purple!! Can't live without them

    agosto 2010
  • marcinradek

    Jedna z najlepszych płyt w historii rocka! Świetna piosenka

    julho 2010
  • emmdragon

    LOve this track :) ... and the live version on Nobody's Perfect is Awesome! ... :) :) :)

    junho 2010
  • dudenneu

    still one of the best

    maio 2010
  • elgrisu

    great great song .. turns me back to my young days ... and makes me dream of all the good things in the past ... thanks DeepPurple

    abril 2010