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  • BrigidGH

    I've heard "Ilsa Drown" a few times and was always like "wow, really sounds like Sigur Rós" and now I see it's Jónsi; well, that explains it. :D Anyway, listening to more of their songs right now. Nice stuff!

    dezembro 2014
  • JordanNeo

    I enjoyed a very cool show by Death Vessel opening for Shearwater at The Horseshoe in Toronto. I took some pics and wrote some words:

    agosto 2014
  • DJNikki

    Ilsa Drown<3 Brilliant Track!

    maio 2014
  • generalHirohito


    fevereiro 2014
  • jloureiro_13

    the new album is stunning!

    fevereiro 2014
  • Ddomasi

    what a voice

    novembro 2012
  • chasmjumper


    maio 2012
  • bones2flesh

    we need a new album! [2]

    abril 2011
  • interfan

    I was pretty surprised when this guy was opening for Jonsi at Berkeley. Never seen or heard of him before that show, so when I got home I download his album and it stuck with me for a while :)

    dezembro 2010
  • chasmjumper

    we need a new album!

    setembro 2010
  • Stone_Birds

    when i hear them it sounds more like a little kid is singing them (but it doesn't suck)

    junho 2010
  • The_Owl_King

    It's hard to imagine a dude is singing these tracks [2] I still cant grasp the image of this man singing the tracks. Like when i looked up i was taken to see a man and not a woman. So i looked them on wiki lol

    fevereiro 2010
  • chasmjumper

    This band was my soundtrack to last spring...wonderful time.

    dezembro 2009
  • TheSplendor

    Amazing. Come back to SLC i won't miss you again... I swear.

    outubro 2009
  • dunandafalls

    It's hard to imagine a dude is singing these tracks

    maio 2009
  • mephisto_dark

    Just posted a podcast featuring Death Vessel. Have a listen:

    abril 2009
  • fractus_

    just heard an interview of rae spoon recommending this dude....

    fevereiro 2009
  • inphanta

    He must have a bulldog's jaws permanently clamped around his nuts for a voice like that. Music's pretty good, too. ;)

    dezembro 2008
  • adamzZz

    This is so crappy, altough the music's good the vocals just scare me.

    novembro 2008
  • bazzo-182

    Not for me, vocal is disturbing.

    novembro 2008
  • mel-opho-be

    We took some more Death Vessel photos at the recent Cambridge show. What can I say? We like.

    novembro 2008
  • shempmonkey

    I believe one should not address him as "Joel". It's pronounced "jo-EL". Not that this matters. He is one astonishing songwriter. Singer. Guitarist. Unbelievable. I saw him solo and was looking around for the band he said he didn't bring, this time. So what was I hearing?? I thought at first he was playing against tape. No, it was all him. So many sound, such big, beautiful sound that transports one to an ancient and distant land.

    novembro 2008
  • JJKaf

    The new album is very good. Dude's a solid song writer. Very talented.

    outubro 2008
  • HighOnSunday51

    UMMM where have you been all my life

    outubro 2008
  • Degarmo

    redarmada's comment was hilarious

    outubro 2008
  • mel-opho-be

    We caught up with Death Vessel in Allston at Harper's Ferry. Our Boston Death Vessel photos/review are up on the site!

    setembro 2008
  • titdirt

    that tag is sooo true. saw him open for low awhile back and was sooooo confused. took the entire set to figure out what was going on.

    agosto 2008
  • todayagain

    what an excellent new album!

    agosto 2008
  • AwesomeUser25

    New album is fantastic. I hope it reaches a much wider audience than Stay Close.

    agosto 2008
  • Marshallmaddnes


    agosto 2008
  • Ruiner007

    Was a nice gig

    abril 2008
  • iiiv

    Same here,man has awesome voice. I defenitly want heare him again.

    abril 2008
  • miskellon

    saw him live yesterday, he was really really good

    abril 2008
  • Fl0ri

    call me Captain Obvious, but he's got the voice of mature woman :D still really good

    abril 2008
  • phorque

    i'm also a convert from the shepherds bush gig in london... just ordered the CD

    abril 2008
  • ms-d

    Saw him too last week, very good. Lovely voice.

    abril 2008
  • a_m

    Saw him at a Jose Gonzalez concert last night at Shephards Bush Empire in London. I've never heard of him before but I was really impressed. When he came back on to collect some stuff from the stage I asked him what his name was (as me and friends were right at the front) and he was nice enough to come over and tell me. I swear if I wasn't that close and could see his stubble I would reckon he wa

    abril 2008
  • napkinshoe

    Excited to see Death Vessel again Friday...especially now after learning Don and Matt formerly of Flower Gang will be backing him up!

    março 2008
  • ravenguy2000

    wtf is a mandan dink

    janeiro 2008
  • napkinshoe

    Providence misses your music!

    setembro 2007
  • cambriaseyes

    Whoa. I listened to like 5 songs before I read the wiki and found out the vocalist is a guy. o.o' Still awesome music, though.

    agosto 2007
  • laurenarose

    i love joel! he's so nice to everyone and let us talk to him forever about insignificant shit. love them/him...

    agosto 2007
  • JonasRH

    I really liked them, but I never bothered reading any information on the band. Anyways, with big expectatios I went to see Death Vessel at this year's Primavera Sound festival, and it turned out it was fronted by a person of the opposite gender that I thought. It's actually a HE. What a fantastic voice! (Uhm and, well, only Joel Thibodeau was performing when I saw them.)

    junho 2007
  • jacopo

    dearjoel youare myhero

    maio 2007
  • blessuresgraves

    death vessel will blow your mind!

    março 2007
  • meekohi

    Wow, this band is great!

    maio 2006