Lets just relax now as times change and we forget the past and we remember the past. Past did good for a young man stepping his feet on new ground when still there was a trance scene, and what a thing it was. Releases on Incharge, Discover and such, but the strong part in this chapter was to have about 40 remixes and a few originals all locked in a room somewhere in Sao Paulo and not ever releasing any of them.

The young man of the “ID - ID” tracks on a float at the LoveParade, yes he was indeed because again, the importance was to make sound and learn from making it, that was the challenge, that’s what mattered the most, other spots would come when certainty was at its full. So he went on to see the world of this music he loves so much and now we forget the future and we embrace the future.

Currently Mr. Oliveira, now called “DNYO” = it’s like saying DANIEL”, holds up 2 projects, one that goes “Loko” in expression, in respect for his roots and collaboration with the friendly groups who believe in quality music and not genres, a phat-grooving sound already supported by loads of jocks doing the “techno”, the “trance” and the “tech house” on his funkydelic “Somos Nozes” and his remix for Komytea’s “Electro House is Dead” on Anjunadeep. At another view, there is an undergoing DNYO sound where for some of the old fans it’s where the weird becomes weirder, but that’s silly, cause open minded we were! hey better use of words - musically brainwashed for real we have been. Yes, it’s basically invention and exploration through sound like DJ Mag once said “an irresistible slice of genre defying genius”, that has been the main focus, so let there be light! There is an album on it’s way and a few singles will do the trick real soon. But you can’t miss it though, you can hear some of it on “Treatment”, the podcast, there we open your mind a bit and believe me that just makes a better tomorrow, better minds, better bits of butter drops.

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