DJ Vadim is “a veteran presence in the DJ community as well as one of the foremost producers in too many communities to count, Vadim is never running out of ideas,” URB Magazine. He has been described as “one of the few artists creating genuinely new work in the Hip-Hop field” and an artist who “cannot be ignored”.

Vadim moved from St Petersburg to London at the age of 5, but this story begins in 1992. Vadim bought a sampler and started working on the music that would become Abstract Hallucinating Gases and Headz Ain’t Ready EP’s (1995). Later in the year he signed to the iconic record label, Ninja Tune, and so began the whirlwind that is the life of DJ Vadim.

DJ, Record label impresario, bandmaster and Airmiles millionaire who has continually toured the globe for nearly 20 years, racking up for than 2,500 shows in 60 countries, performing and working with artists such as Stevie Wonder, Dialated Peoples, DJ Krush, The Roots, and Super Furry Animals, he is also known for working and developing unsigned artists who have gone on to big things. He’s been nominated for a Grammy, and written under numerous secret identities. Prolific seems an understatement.

Though described by some as an ‘underground artist,’ Vadim has caught the attention of the corporate world too, producing music for Absolut Vodka, Nokia, Sin City, EA Sports and MTV.

2010 saw Vadim creating Organically Grown Sounds, a new record label founded with Yarah Bravo, and their first project is “The Electric,” a new band that sees Vadim joined by Chicago’s hottest young rapper, Pugs Atomz and Machester’s finest songstress, Sabira Jade: “Electric turns out to be a good word for this latest DJ Vadim creation - sometimes it empowers you, sometimes it shocks you, and sometimes it’s a bit dangerous.” Rap News

The Electric’s debut album, Life is Moving, is out on March 14th, and it’s been described as “amazing music that is not only innovative but also rich in harmony, flavour and most importantly – SOUL!” by Soul Culture and Clash Magazine said “The Electric pops from the speakers.”

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