• Top Rap albums 2011

    Dez 27 2011, 23h21 por Mistah_BH

    01. Kendrick Lamar- Section.80
    Fav. track: HiiiPower
    It just makes me smile when I think of what Kendrick is going to do to hip-hop in the following years. “Section.80” is one overly sentimental Colin Monroe hook and one uber-crazy beat (Tammy’s Song) away from being a perfect rap album.

    02. CunninLynguistsOneirology
    Fav. track: Shattered Dreams
    I wouldn’t have thought that the CunninLynguists wouldn’t be my number one this year. Congratulations to Kendrick. However: A brilliant concept album. Deacon, Kno and Natti never disappoint. The perfect soundtrack for the night, as the sun went down I used to press play…. many, many times this year!

    03. ElzhiElmatic
    Fav. track: Halftime
    A remake of “Illmatic” Who needs that?  That’s what I used to think… until I heard this fantastic record. eLZhi is always on point with his lyrics and rhyme schemes and Will Sessions did a great job with their recreations of the instrumentals. This tape should be the prototype for every tribute album in the hip-hop genre.
  • Man of the Month | MARCH 2011: Kanye West

    Abr 3 2011, 17h48 por jonnyj24

    Hated-but-Loved, Loved-but-Hated hip-hopper Kanye West's latest album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy topped almost all of those best of year-end charts in 2010. I decided to listen for myself to discover what all the hubbub was about.

    After the first go-through I thought everyone was a bunch of squid-brains.

    Okay a majority of this album is in fact, quite good. Not the best of the year, but definitely in the top 5.

    The opening track intro by Nicki Minaj is lame (she redeems herself and kicks ass in Monster later on in the tracklisting), but West ultimately saves this one when he raps,
    "Too many Urkels on your team, that's why your wins-low".
    Yes! Anyone who raps that is a freaking genius.

    Gorgeous features the best rapping over a guitar groove since Run-D.M.C. and Aerosmith paired up for Walk This Way.

    All of the Lights' ship gets a hole in it when Fergie comes in and sounds like an annoying seagull, but thank god for Rihanna's heavenly voice making the hooks…