• Va Va Voom

    Abr 9 2012, 17h57 por fm014


    so it’s been Easter weekend and that means I had a lot of free time, but still I need to write this post quickly (as I am just about to leave for the weekly quiz evening).
    Last week in covers:
    > Yiruma : Welcome to my library, Yiruma. I found him via youtube, where one of his lovely piano instrumental tracks was used in the background. I instantly felt like trying some more songs.
    > RMB : I was just curious about their one album (“Widescreen”), because one of my friends was mentioning it very positively. And though I recognized some of the singles that were minor hits here in the 1990s, I was not really impressed.
    > One Direction : Erm... well, they’ve been on SNL recently. And yes, I wanted to know what their (second?) album was like. Now I can say, it’s really not my kind of music. (I even dare to doubt they like all their songs themselves.) ^^