The concept of the band was born in the depth of 2008 within dark dungeons of nameless rehearsal studios and even darker minds of the musicians.

It all started from Dani’s and Hans’s passion for 70’s art and progressive rock. Many attempts to find other musicians for the band repeatedly led to nothing. Desperation began to affect musical style as well. The tuning became lower, the amount of strings increased and the “gain” knob was turning slowly but steadily clockwise.
In some moment the band realised that the guitars were tuned a whole octave lower and there was also a female vocalist… with a keytar. It was rather surprising and very inspiring. So the band headed for the local clubs
inspiring. So the band headed for the local clubs and tagged their musical style ‘Nu Art Metal’, consolidating the newly-acquired modern influence and complex musical ways of art rock.

The band oficially was born after the first gig in 2009. Since that time Crimson Blue have changed quite a list of bandmembers, hit many stages and released a demo album “Iceland” 2010.
On April 10, 2012 a full time album “Innocence” was released on label M2BA.

On April 3, 2012 Crimson Blue released an official video for L.M.A.

After this there were some line-up changes and immediately the band started to work on their second album. The result of a great and hard work is “The Angelic Performance” their new album that permit them to sign a new contract with My Kingdom Music, and ready to be released on November 2014 and confirm the band as special guest for the imminent TARJA TURUNEN European tour.

The weird idea of a keytar-equipped soprano as a frontwoman of a metal band may look amusing. When it comes to CRIMSON BLUE with an 8string guitar and bass tuned down to the subterranean depths, the idea gets even weirder and amusement evolves into thrill. Here we go. Mixing elements of Gothic Metal, Nu-Metal, Art Rock and every-crazy-thing that can be found in any genre CRIMSON BLUE delivers you the brand new stuff, a modern music that is absolutely original, full of personality and amazing essence.
The flexible and rich vocals of the female singer Dani mixed with low tuned guitar duets, floating harmonies and catchy melodies, put the Russian act in the same universe of bands like Lacuna Coil, Evanescence, A Perfect Circle, Nightwish.
This is music of high class with an excellent and charismatic singer, powerful structures and an overall strong production with songs that have the absolute potential to become real chart breaker. Every open minded Metal, Rock or Gothic fan should give it a chance.
CRIMSON BLUE are ready to invade your minds with their music and they wait for your embrace during the imminent European tour supporting Tarja TURUNEN.

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