Born in Italy and currently living in NYC, Costanza Francavilla is a visionary artist: singer / composer / multi-instrumentalist / producer.
Acclaimed by the press as “mesmerizing & edgy” her music is a dreamlike journey into sensual and hypnotic soundscapes.
Among her works, she collaborated with trip-hop guru Tricky (who referred to her as “the female version of me”) and her music has been featured in successful TV series such as C.S.I. and The L Word.
With a strong independent DIY philosophy, she’s also involved in visual art, photography, architecture & social consciousness projects.
In 2006 she released her first self-produced EP and moved to New York City where she funded Zerokilled Music | Sonic Art Lab - her own label, music production & recording studio.
Costanza full-length album ‘Sonic Diary’ is out now.
She’s currently collaborating with several cutting edge electronic artists on her new project/ album “Electric Bloom” as well as composing music for Film / TV and Commercials.

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