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  • ominous_shiva

    those slayer-style feedback solos ggreat as fuck

    maio 2014
  • Flynner11

    Intense track.

    maio 2013
  • ProgPro96

    This shit is orgasmic. [2]

    abril 2013
  • black6dahlia

    this shit is orgasmic.

    fevereiro 2013
  • Treats4TheSOUL

    this was the only song I really liked on Axe To Fall. Really scummy, among their best songs.

    janeiro 2013
  • familyguy02011

    the intro is so sexy

    outubro 2012
  • DaMetulz


    abril 2012
  • jmedran

    Is this song about Glenn Close?

    março 2012
  • prefix_death

    great song, great smashing outro ;d

    novembro 2011
  • _KevMusic_

    So fucking great. Thrilling.

    março 2011
  • IchRufDieBullen

    Hear the howls soaring in the wind - Don´t let our end begin

    dezembro 2010
  • robo042


    outubro 2010
  • RyneB

    "anyone else hear the tuned percussion in the verses? ;)" The bells? Yes.

    setembro 2010
  • 0rion

    fuck it sounds like a hammer smashing my head. i love it!

    maio 2010
  • lakku-

    It's so fucking sick how it builds up at the start.

    maio 2010
  • guitar__guy

    Haha oh wow, this is awesome

    fevereiro 2010
  • n0umena

    face off axe to fall

    fevereiro 2010
  • mattgee725

    reminds me of "weatherbox" by mission of burma

    janeiro 2010
  • ohwhatudo2me

    great song! hehe @homestar2535 'hey there melvins!'. Distinctly converge, but also getting a bit of a mastodon vibe going, as bleakaffinity said.

    janeiro 2010
  • mizukisfrlovers


    dezembro 2009
  • homestar2525

    hey there melvins!

    novembro 2009
  • Tearjerker_

    best song on new record :)

    novembro 2009
  • CurtisSpiers

    anyone else hear the tuned percussion in the verses? ;)

    outubro 2009
  • AceXV

    least favorite from ATF, but I still like it a lot

    outubro 2009
  • tabarnak

    the end, the end!!!!!

    outubro 2009
  • Lukinx

    the riffs, the riffs!!!!!

    outubro 2009
  • skiberdi

    makes my nuts tight

    outubro 2009
  • bleakaffinity

    sounds like mastodon

    outubro 2009
  • Nestroit

    different indeed.. quality.

    outubro 2009

    my favourite so far from Axe to Fall. So different.

    outubro 2009
  • ecotonesfu


    outubro 2009
  • rajazan

    holy shit

    outubro 2009
  • -mikie-


    outubro 2009