• You Can't Write the Word Poop in a Song

    Mai 4 2008, 5h45 por ChudleyCannons

    Fri 25 Apr – Cloud Cult, The Forms, Mason Proper
    I used to be BAM on the ball with show reviews. You know, I never actually did one for the Dresden Dolls show? That's the fact of the matter.

    But. Anyway. Here we go. Brooke and I went and saw Cloud Cult on the 25th of April at dear ol' Schuba's Tavern in Chicago. We'd seen Mr. Ben Kweller there in July. For that show there were people there before we got there. And after I had a long hassle in the traffic down to Chicago we figured we'd be screwed for the first show. NOT TRUE! We got ONE: a fan-fucking-tastic parking spot. TWO: No one else was there yet? It filled up pretty fast though. It was a pretty early show. The first one was at 7. The opener was alright. I'm not writing home about it.

    Then Cloud Cult came out. And they had a video projector which ended up getting put right in my line of view of Craig. LAME LAME LAME. It kept falling through the night - they had it held on a music stand. Show was good. …
  • Having Too Much Fun

    Mar 21 2007, 0h51 por visiblegirl

    I'm sitting around here, doing the usual nine things at once and solidifying my ideas of the (near) future. My personal future, anyway. The future at large will simply have to take care of itself for now. There are a few other personal futures I'm very interested in, besides my own; one of them is Cloud Cult's.
    These guys have the very real ability to be big. They already are good, and they surf the curl of the Nu Indie Wave. Not that they sound too much like them, but they could be the next The Pixies: conceptually and experimentally, they have a lot in common with Black Francis, Kim Deal, and the gang. If their is still room in popular music today for the cult of personality (and the internet is starting to erase the anachronism of the idea), these guys are worth rallying around. Cloud Cult (check them out at the easy-to-remember www.cloudcult.com, or look them up on myspace if you really must-- www.myspace.com/cloudcult) have demonstrated their ability to craft an album…