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Clock DVA


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Engineered chaos, acoustic architecture, electronic madness all define ClockDVA.

But what does the name “ClockDVA” itself mean? There are different versions about the origin of the name. Some people say that when Adi Newton, the group’s founder and leader, and fellow muscian Steven James Turner originated the term, they liked the idea of clock because of its association with time and surrealism. Others contend that the name was inspired by the movie “A Clockwork Orange.” DVA translates roughly into the Russian word for two, so “Clocktwo” supports this idea. However, ClockDVA is one word, and a new one at that, suggesting that Newton and Turner did not intend for the meaning of the name to be tied down too tightly.

ClockDVA was formed in 1977 in the fertile industrial scene of Sheffield, England, by the charismatic Newton. The group’s first work was produced in two cassettes entitled “White Souls in Black Suits.” During this early period, ClockDVA’s sound exhibited the influences of punk, funk, industrial, new wave and free jazz.

The timeline that follows is based on a compilation by music writer Martin Hastings. It provides an overview of ClockDVA’s history and its recent works.

1979 - ClockDVA releases a cassette entitled “Deep Floor.” Later that same year, the group releases “Brigade,” a track which appeared on Vice Versa’s (pre-ABC) compilation, “1980: THE FIRST 15 MINUTES”. Also, Adi begins work on a novel, “Invisible Suns.”


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