Ciara Meets Wendy's Get Close Winner Dominique Steele

22 Fev 2011 | de

Ciara Meets Wendy's Get Close Winner Dominique Steele Wendys | Myspace Video Take a look at this lucky win­ner who was flown out to Los An­ge­les to meet the love­ly Cia­ra and was fit­ti...

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  • StacyFX

    Dominique Steele was not the real winner of the MySpace/Wendy’s Get Close contest who met with Ciara in February 2011. According to the videographer/producer, Adam Neilson, Ciara jilted the original winner and refused to go ahead with her agreement with MySpace/Wendy’s unless the runner up won the prize. MySpace gave into Ciara’s demands but paid for the original winner to hang out in the background with “media winner” who was really the runner up. According to the videographer/producer, Adam Neilson, of Adam Neilson photography, the ungrateful “media winner” runner up was unhappy to share her moment of fame with the true winner. Dominique was full of attitude the whole time, according to Adam. She made several complains to MySpace. Dominique’s mother shared the negative attitude and pulled out the contest rules and argued that the other girl and her male companion shouldn’t be there. The original winner never complained about being rejected by Ciara or Dominique. She never complained about missing her 15 minutes of fame or not being in the spotlight. She was Ciara’s true fan. She loved Ciara and even got her a stuffed animal gift and a thank you card that called Ciara mother. When Ciara asked why the card referred to her as “mother” the real winner said it was because Ciara was like a mother to her. The real winner and her male companion can be seen in the Get Close video in almost every scene: the intro van ride in Hollywood, the make-over, the photo shoot, and the good-bye scene to Ciara. She also walked the red carpet and attended the Ciara concert but that scene is not shown on the video. The real winner showed her true heart and deserves credit for being Ciara’s number one fan. She deserved to be in the spotlight. She deserved the attention that Dominique received from Ciara. It remains clear that the girl in the background for the MySpace/Wendy’s Get Close contest to be with Ciara was the “real” winner and true fan in every sense of the word.

    junho 2011
  • StacyFX

    Everybody makes mistakes, like in Ciara not accepting the original winner of the Get Close contest, however, in fairness to Ciara, Ciara made up for it in how she treated her fans face to face. I was extremely impressed by how warm, loving and attentive Ciara was to her MySpace/Wendy's Get Close guests. I was the editor for the Get Close with Ciara video and consequently saw all the raw footage over and over again. What I saw in Ciara was real attention for her guests. She was down to earth, caring, supporting and I would use the word “loving”. I worked with a number of high profile people to recognize their “acting” before the camera and their public. Ciara had no “I am the greatest star”, or “look how wonderful I am” attitude. True love is about giving and Ciara gave of herself for her guests. An example of Ciara’s giving can be seen in the photo shoot where she coaches the girls on posing. Dominique, the “media winner”, posed for shots then the “original winner” had a photo shoot too. It was shorter than Dominique’s photo shoot but when the photographer stopped Ciara made him go back and take more shots. Ciara was nothing short of delightful and all credit goes to her for her good heart and how she treats her fans.

    junho 2011
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