Christopher Andrew ‘Christy’ Moore (born 7 May 1945, Newbridge, County Kildare, Ireland) is a popular Irish folk singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He is well known as one of the founding members of Planxty. His first album, Paddy on the Road (a minor release of 500) was recorded with Dominic Behan (brother of Brendan) in 1969. In 2007, he was named as Ireland’s greatest living musician in RTÉ’s People of the Year Awards[1].

Moore was originally a bank employee who wanted to express himself using traditional music. A bank strike in the 1970s, which lasted over fourteen months (and effectively paralysed Irish commercial life for the duration), resulted in Moore spending considerable time practising music. When the strike ended, Moore had already decided where his passion in life arose, and left the bank for good.

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