Christopher Walla (b. 1975) is an American musician and music producer, most notable for being the guitarist for the band Death Cab for Cutie. He is also a former DJ of KCWU, 88.1 The Burg. Walla has also been a prolific producer in the Indie rock community, earning production credits on more than a dozen albums in addition to Death Cab for Cutie’s discography. Walla currently resides in Portland, Oregon.

While in high school, Chris was in a short lived band called The Wallflowers, not to be confused with The Wallflowers (of California), and an early member of the Seattle, Washington band The Long Winters.
While Death Cab for Cutie was only considered a solo project of Ben Gibbard, Chris Walla contributed vocals for four of the tracks on the album You Can Play These Songs with Chords, as well as electric guitar. Walla was subsequently recruited as a full member of the band along with Nick Harmer and Jason McGerr.

Walla has a solo project called Martin Youth Auxiliary. Most of these releases, however, have never been fully exposed to the general public. Under this name, one cassette was recorded and released in 1999 on Elsinor Records; only several dozen copies were made. Walla has been claiming that he will release a new MYA record for about four years. Recently he announced that in 2007 he will release an album under this name on Barsuk Records, the previous home of Death Cab for Cutie and many of the bands Walla has worked with or produced. MYA shows are very rare as well, however, they are almost always recorded.

Walla announced on his site that he would be releasing a new solo album in 2007 and Barsuk Records agreed to release the album, entitled Field Manual. The album was initially set for release in March 2007 but was subsequently delayed until January 2008. Field Manual was finally released on January 29, 2008. Barsuk has made the track “Sing Again” from Field Manual available for free download from their website. Field Manual reportedly contains two tracks that were left off Death Cab for Cutie’s album Plans.

Chris Walla has also founded his own recording studio located within his home in Portland, Oregon named the Alberta Court. Not to be confused with the recording studio, the Hall of Justice, which is where Death Cab has recorded several songs and where Chris did most of his work before building the Alberta court.

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