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  • Tarjever

    People, tell me, please, where to download? I have 'Libra' ('Balance') album and some more compositions ('Icicles are melting', 'Summer rain', 'Butterfly In The Rain', 'Galliard', 'Pearl Diving', 'Pacelbel's Canon') but want to have more!

    setembro 2013
  • Tarjever

    Best guitar music ever!

    setembro 2013
  • mognyan

    Hi Chris! I can feel light and shadow, gentle breeze, fragrance of flower... in your music. It is beautiful and relaxing. 毎日聴きたい音楽。自然の中にいる時のように、心おだやかになれます。 Arigato, Chris!

    abril 2009
  • yunakaue


    abril 2009
  • denibean

    hi chris.... mona is here and we are all tuning in... lovely lovely sound... this would be good for my meditation group...very relaxing and a pleasure to listen to. denni

    março 2009
  • ChrisGlassfield

    I uploaded "The Serpent Of Insight" and "Dark Groove" in early february 2009... This is my original mix of "The Serpent of Insight" . It has the correct form and length, which is different from "edited" version North Star released on the Reflexology album. It's better; it's how I intended it to be. Enjoy! Chris Glassfield

    fevereiro 2009
  • innocentear

    Eh? Who is the Happy traveller?

    dezembro 2006