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So (as uze) I’m a little late on this but I just saw the Hunger Games films and thought it was interesting how much effort Gary Ross seemed to put into avoiding a negative depiction of a fascist police state.  The Gamemaker and the affable Aristocrats never seem to have any obvious underlings or security of any kind present.  The reaping ceremony was oddly quiet, bizarrely understaffed, and totally lacking in authoritative presence or decorum.  The peacemakers are laughably weak (do they even carry weapons?)— their white uniforms look like they were specifically designed to avoid any similarity to the riot-gear-clad thugs who were out in full force for today’s Loyalty Day festivities.  The President— also curiously devoid of any underlings or security—- seems like a kind of helpless, brooding dude.  The riot in District 11 was strange, too, with those white-clad soldiers overpowered easily and immediately, and no hint at all depicted of how order was restored.  

And the people of the Capitol aren’t forboding at all— they’re all fruity, effeminate drag queens, seemingly quite harmless and well-intentioned.  Like Ross is trying to imply that moral decadence is the Capitol’s problem and not gross inequality supported by tyrannical exploitation.  How badass would it have been to make everybody in the Capitol look like John Boehner and Callista Gingrich instead of young urban professionals at some celebrity’s burlesque-themed birthday bash? 

(Was the decision not to make the dogs at the end bear the faces of defeated contestants somehow tied into all this, too?)

Kinda curious to see how this Ross fella deals with the outright class war in the sequels.. 

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