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    Set 30 2012, 23h09 por pecusita

    (*all stats gathered on day of anniversary)


    We recently reached another significant landmark in our relationship: the nickel anniversary! (It's actually nicknamed "wood" but I find "nickel" more appealing) Things have been... ehhhhhh, pretty much the same as our last anniversary, to be honest. And while that is a common symptom of a long, committed relationship, we have to appreciate that we are still into each other. Recently, you decided to *ahem* spice things up with a slight redesign. Barahvroom, boom, boom.

    I appreciate that after all this time you took a little interest in making yourself look more attractive. Let's get down to the usual anniversary bizniss.


    Total Scrobbles
    1st year - 47,036 (includes tracks scrobbled at sign up)
    2nd year - 76,168 (+29,062)
    3rd year - 98,209 (+22,041)
    4th year - 127,105 (+28,896)
    5th year - 152,492 (+25,387)

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  • Most Played Albums of 2011

    Jan 5 2012, 20h52 por pecusita

    Hello everyone! Welcome to this wonderful tradition of number crunching. A precious opportunity for yours truly to rant outside of my own head in a long form medium that's not limited to 140 characters.

    2011 was definitely more varied than our last recap with a lot more diversity, thanks in big part to my new BFF Spotify. But there's always a downside: too much variety means not much repetition and this year we have the first ever recount without a song reaching 100 plays and don't even think about a single album passing 1000 scrobbles!

    I noticed one particular phenomenon this past year: there were a lot of well-established and previous chart topping artists that were overlooked this past year, some of them, for no apparent reason! I even liked some of their preview singles. What a mystery! Albums like Okkervil River - I Am Very Far, TV on the Radio - Nine Types Of Lights, Dum Dum Girls - Only in Dreams, Beirut - The Rip Tide and Toro y Moi - Underneath the Pine, just to name a handful that never got the change to return. …
  • 4 years of

    Ago 30 2011, 1h04 por pecusita

    Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to commemorate the 4 year anniversary of one pecusita and 4 years. Who knew it would last this long?!

    Even though the written communication seems to have decreased, the psycho addiction to the numbers is still as strong as ever. Heck, I've even increased one full track to average 75 plays per day, up one from last year. We're going steady, my love.

    Cold Hard Facts

    Total Scrobbles
    1st year - 47,036 (includes tracks scrobbled at sign up)
    2nd year - 76,168 (+29,062)
    3rd year - 98,209 (+22,041)
    4th year - 127,105 (+28,896)

    Number of artists in Library
    1st year - 649 artists
    2nd year - 1,119 artists (+470)
    3rd year - 1,844 artists (+725)
    4th year - 2,816 (+972)

    As you can see both stats have gained significantly, up 77.26% for scrobbles and 65.48% for artists! Just like I mentioned before, a steady stat profit increase. Yes, I still use quite a bit. To this date I have 1,379 listeners; 7,507 blips; 6,767 props. …
  • DOWNLOAD :: Blalock's Indie/Rock Playlist: January (2011)

    Jan 12 2011, 23h45 por blalocksirp

  • Favorite Songs of 2010

    Dez 8 2010, 5h37 por pecusita

    Here we go again! End of the year... ah.... you can smell the lists in the air. Once again, has introduced their Best of 2010 group asking people to submit their own picks. I have of course taken this just a little bit too seriously! Since last week I've been studying the pleasure censors of my brain to decide which songs to include. It all began with a list of 177 songs - no joke - then it narrow down to 75... 65... 55... 69... 50! Oh boy, so much suffering to get to those 50, some heartbreaking losses along the way, but alas not everyone can be on the list.

    50 Perfume GeniusLookout, Lookout
    A child murdering another child can set the mood for a wrist-cutting song.

    49 Wye OakI Hope You Die
    Not vengeful, but in a merciful, loving way.

    48 Dum Dum GirlsIt Only Takes One Night
    Only takes 2:02 for girls to rock out. To the point.

    47 Lower DensBlue & Silver
    Year of the ladies....

    46 Born RuffiansCome Back
  • Intel cheap laptops expanding to U.S., Europe

    Mar 20 2008, 3h55 por Milkshake8

    By Jim Finkle and Duncan Martell
    Wed Mar 19, 8:13 PM ET

    Intel Corp (INTC.O) said on Wednesday sub-$300 laptops initially designed for poor children will soon be available to U.S. and European consumers in a move that could further push down computer prices.

    PC makers in the United States and in Europe will sell a yet-to-be-unveiled, second-generation version of the Intel-designed Classmate PC for $250 to $350, said Lila Ibrahim, general manager of Intel's emerging market platform's group, in an interview with Reuters.

    "This is a very big deal," said Laura Didio, an analyst with Yankee Group who follows the personal computer industry.

    While the machines are intended for children, analysts said the launch will add momentum to the low-cost computing movement -- and will likely mean this year's bargain-basement laptops will have more power than in previous years.

    "Particularly in a recession year, quality low-cost products are going to move well," said Rob Enderle, an analyst with the Enderle Group. …
  • Google Patent Imagines Robots Indexing The Grocery Aisle

    Jan 11 2008, 8h28 por Milkshake8

    The two computer scientists behind "recognizing text in images" search technology also worked on Google Street View and Google Book Search.

    By Thomas Claburn
    January 4, 2008 06:00 AM

    A patent application filed by Google (NSDQ: GOOG) with the World Intellectual Property Organization in June 2007 and published on Thursday points to more sophisticated Search techniques.

    The filing suggests that the Privacy issues raised by will only get more Complicated, that YouTube searchers may one day be able to conduct keyword searches for text Captured on video, and that Google searches may one day return a on local store shelves.

    "Recognizing Text In Images" is an application to patent a method of Optical character recognition in Digital images.