Brutal Death Metal - Netherlands
Lyrical themes: Humanity

Sjoerd Modderkolk (aka Lahar) : Bateria
Thomas Luyken : Guitarra
Niels Ottink : Guitarra, Vocais Secundários
Herbert Cats (aka Kruid) : Baixo
Michiel Lankhorst : Vocais

Gore to Banish Fear (EP - 2002)
Mass Emission (CD - 2003)
Promo 2007 (Démo - 2007)
Clones of Industry (CD - 2009)
Corruption (EP - 2012)

As a continuation of Concrete, the development of Caedere took serious shape when drummer Sjoerd entered the band around February 2001. With guitarist/singer Niels, bass guitarist Herbert and singer Michiel, the band started to write new songs.

A year later, the EP “Gore to Banish Fear” was the first release, on Caedere’s own initiative. Meanwhile, the number of gigs increased and Caedere reached a second place in the Metal Battle competition. Caedere gained a record deal with “Gore to Banish Fear”. US based Goregiastic Records signed Caedere and released the full-length debut album “Mass Emission” late November 2003. The album got numerous positive reviews. Dutch metal magazine ‘Aardschok’ gave 90 out of 100 points for it in its assessment.

At the time, Caedere needed a second guitar player and Thomas was fit for the job. He joined the band in the latter part of 2003. Caedere had more concerts, and started to perform abroad; i.e. the Ludwighafen deathfest, two weekends in Portugal, a show in Amiens (France), and a performance at the Obscene Extreme festival 2005 in the Czech Republic.

2006 was to be a year of writing material for the second album. In June, the band recorded a promo and it was released January 2007. This with the intention to gain a new record deal. Spanish Grotesque Productions signed Caedere and finally released the band’s second full-length “Clones of Industry” late December 2009. In the meanwhile Caedere still performed with interesting names such as Cryptopsy, Sinister, Krisiun, Immolation, Deeds of Flesh, and proceed writing new material for a third album.

Late 2009 drummer Sjoerd decided to leave the band because he lost his interests. However, he will continue to support the band until April 2010. In the meanwhile, Caedere had the time to look for another drummer. In January 2010, Allard van der Kuip joined the band as the new drummer

The music could be seen as a mixture of US blast death metal and Swedish (old school) death metal. Brutal, but with a catchy edge.

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