• It's Automatic, London, Friday 28 Sep

    Set 15 2007, 14h04 por sharevari

    So it's finally happening. It's been about four months since the rooftop BBQ where me and Sasha started discussing starting a night and Graziela, being absent as per usual, enthusiastically texted back in support of the idea.

    Between us, we have slightly different musical tastes, but with all three being die-hard Future Brain regulars, it was somewhat inevitable that italo disco would play a large part in this new night. We did not however, want it to be just about italo, as Future Brain already does a fantastic job of that. The idea is that It's Automatic should bring together a wider range of styles, from old school electro and freestyle to jacking ghetto disko a la Legowelt, to Detroit techno to minimal synth to 80s pop to italo/cosmic disco etc. All with an emphasis on fun and danceability (and cheesy synths ;).

    The name, in case you're wondering, is nicked from electro classic It's Automatic by Freestyle.

    So, do come down to The Macbeth on Friday 28 September and join in the festivities. …