• Top Fifteen Songs

    Set 27 2009, 0h50 por BritneyFanFeva

    Artist: Aly & AJ
    Track: Insomniatic
    Favorite lyric of the song: My Train is off, the track it seems/delirious from my loss of sleep/deprived I greet the day/won't be easy to do/are you this restless too?
    What color does this song remind you of?: black and blues
    Who does this song remind you of?: relationships
    Name a random memory with the song: rocking out to it with my X
    Have you ever seen this band live? Did they sound the same?: No, tbut based on Youtube, they sound different

    Artist: Jesse McCartney
    Track: Right Where You Want Me (Radio Edit)
    Baby/take me on a journey
    I've been thinkin lately/I could use a little time alone with you
    Crazy/Lets do something maybe
    Please Don't take your time
    You got me Right Where You Want Me

    Have you ever danced to this song: yes, with my ex boyfriend like hellllll
    Who would you dedicate this to?: I would get this song dedicated to me...lol, but at the same time, I would so dedicate it to this long time love of mine!
  • 50 questions about my top 50

    Mai 12 2008, 4h36 por bemyescape

    [1.] How did you get into 29?
    Anna Nalick
    Heard Just Breathe on the radio & it made me cry.

    [2.] What was the first song you ever heard by 22?
    Snow Patrol
    Most likely it was Run

    [3.] What’s your favorite lyric by 33?
    Blue Man Group
    "It's time to start.

    Rock concert movement #1:
    The basic head-bob.
    Ready. Go.

    Rock concert movement #2:
    The one-armed fist pump.
    Ready. Go.

    In a moment, it will be time to execute rock concert movement #3.
    Here are your instructions:
    Step 1: Bend your knees, and then jump into the air.
    Step 2: Let gravity bring you back down, and upon landing, rock your head forward.
    Step 3: Repeat.
    Ready. Go.

    It's time to start.

    Rock concert movement #4:
    The behind-the-head leg stretch.
    Ready. Go."
    Time to Start

    [4.] What is your favorite album by 49?
    The Maine Steiners
    I think there's only one.

    [5.] How many albums by 13 do you own?
    Green Day
    One, American Idiot

    [6.] What is your favorite song by 50?
    Stephen Lynch
  • New Music + Everything Else Under The Sun!:

    Ago 11 2007, 4h09 por BritneyFanFeva

    I went shopping yesterday, to get Call Me Irresponsible and Good Girl Gone Bad and in both cases its there best effort yet, Michael becomes upbeat, and he sounds best when he's in LOVE (With Emily Blunt in case you were wondering)...and Rihanna has definately come to a new level of brilliance, Shut Up and Drive is one of the most best songs ever, I love car-sex songs aka Bubble Pop Eletric , Crash and Desire !! Rihanna's album is easily her best album, just because she's found her calling, none of the songs are balladry and all of the songs you could understand and relate to, all of the songs are beautiful and fit together so well, Lemme Get That is a cool song, its Independant Woman in reverse, I can get it but you can buy me it cause you love me!!...funny crap!!..almost like Luxurious

    I love suiter songs, I love songs about telling a guy who wants you were to go VVVV:
    Slow Down Baby
    Between You and Me
    Mr James Dean
    Don't Touch (The Zoom Song)