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  • vapetrovski

    Good stuff.

    junho 2011
  • Lechuza7

    This guy's a f*cking genius.

    maio 2011
  • dany_f87

    Great MIx of sounds! I'm loving this!

    agosto 2010
  • ShaniaEve

    Very good...

    novembro 2009
  • JustSomeOldJoe

    Dig it... much!

    março 2009
  • decpet

    Thanks for the shout. Your collection gave me more to discover. Great colection, this builds upon enceinte ear pleasure!

    fevereiro 2009
  • mohacyucel

    Sensational music!

    fevereiro 2009
  • psidre

    diggin it man. props

    fevereiro 2009
  • o-mic


    fevereiro 2009
  • KasiaRybacka

    very refreshing :)

    fevereiro 2009
  • worotan

    I just noticed, that among so many other great artists, also this artist has vanished from spotify (reference: something to do with this? I'm not sure there were full albums, but at least the compilations are removed) I'd like to state that I for myself found this artist from Spotify, and since can't listen to it anymore, will propably be forgotten. So sad :(

    janeiro 2009
  • worotan

    Listened some random acid jazz compilation and i have to say you had the best tracks! Thanks, very nice tunes

    janeiro 2009
  • moolsan

    nice new track. lookin' forward to the new album. hopefully on vinyl this time :)

    janeiro 2009
  • VickyBN1

    So many great tracks !!

    outubro 2008
  • SirAlecHendrix

    Briskey—now connected to the ➤ Nu•Jazz•Garden

    setembro 2008
  • SirAlecHendrix

    genius mixes !

    setembro 2008
  • briskeymusic

    Briskey Big Band - Live At Ancienne Belgique (out now)_____ HUMO –"A thrilling, sensual and sometimes hot-blooded record" 3/4 De Morgen –"Nostalgia and mystery at their most magical" 4/5 De Standaard –"The record is like a trip through the night, a dreamy one" 3/4 Soundslike –"This is often pure class" 4/5 RifRaf – "A very enjoyable and at times exciting record"_______ check out:

    setembro 2008
  • achtpunkt

    ... yes, especially La Darsena

    novembro 2007
  • patrizzlesfunla

    love your basslicks!

    setembro 2007
  • Jokia

    Terra Notta is just so perfect!

    agosto 2007
  • Mire

    Hello ? He's on the line at the moment , could you call back in 10 minutes ? :) Scarlett Road House is amazing album.

    junho 2007
  • Greta80

    that´s so beautiful. :-)

    maio 2007
  • e-jazz

    hell yeah! Very good stuff. Tnx bergholdt

    fevereiro 2007
  • Fre_Entity

    good stuff, digging this thnx Marcas for the recomendation

    janeiro 2007
  • flipfloptk

    I love this.

    novembro 2006
  • flipfloptk

    wow.. nice

    novembro 2006