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Bolt Thrower


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Birmingham, Inglaterra (1986 – presente)

Uma das mais consistentes e duradouras bandas de britânicas, o Bolt Thrower de Birmingham resistiu ao melhor e ao pior dos tempos na história do gênero extremo, sem ceder às tentações comerciais e dificilmente mudando seu som. O fato de eles serem incomumente agraciados com uma formação firme durante muito tempo na sua carreira sem dúvida contribuiu para essa estabilidade, e apesar de serem raramente concedidos com louvor por seus esforços, com a maioria dos seus competidores ou contemporâneos adotando outros estilos ou há muito aposentados , o Bolt Thrower gradualmente se estabeleceu como uma das melhores bandas de a emergir da Inglaterra.

O guitarrista Gavin Ward e o baterista Andy Whale formaram o Bolt Thrower no berço do heavy metal, a cidade industrial de Birmingham, Inglaterra, em 1986. Tomando seu nome de um personagem em um de seus RPGs favoritos, “Warhammer Fantasy Battle”, a dupla logo recrutou o vocalista Alan West, o guitarrista Barry Thompson, e a baixista Jo Bench (uma das primeiras musicistas a tomar parte num grupo de metal extremo). Fiéis ao motivo de seu nome, o Bolt Thrower dedicaria toda sua carreira à analisar e dissecar todos os aspectos da arte da guerra humana – sua história, armas, etc. – e eles rapidamente cairiam na estrada com o objetivo de aperfeiçoar um massacre musical brutalizante digno de suportar tal tema mórbido. Apesar da inacessibilidade geral de seu material, o lendário DJ da Radio1 BBC, John Peel, tornou-se um dos primeiros defensores da banda


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  • Paper_Okami

    Been getting back in to Metal lately, after mostly being in to all sorts of other stuff for the past couple of years... Many these guys kick ass, I have listened to 6/8 or their albums and they are all so fucking consistent! Those Riffs are fucking insane! I really hope they come to the North-Eastern U.S in the near future!

    13 Nov 16h24 Responder
  • UnleashTheW0lvz

    Orders unquestionable - All rank and file expendable!

    11 Nov 14h10 Responder
  • joejyojo


    6 Nov 18h38 Responder
  • dane_chaos1

    Absolutely crushed Damnation at weekend! Everyone went nuts for the merch too, they had a security team to hold people back trying to get shirts.

    3 Nov 15h57 Responder
  • DaruJericho

    Years ago, people used to buy a load of shirts at the shows for a good price and sell them on ebay for five times that amount. Giving how often BT tour nowadays, I'm sure you'll find people selling them on ebay with not too much effort, particularly after/during the current tour.

    31 Out 17h17 Responder
  • Maquina_Muerte

    they could earn a lot of money opening a webshop, but somehow they refuse to do that, for the exclusivity it's cool, but there's a lot of BT fans everywhere else in the world that also want some BT gear, kinda sucks for them... It's good for the lucky fans who managed to see them on tour but... a big bummer for fans who aren't living in Europe... doesn't make em any less 'loyal'... After all, BT did earn it's status because of whatever gear people bought in the early years... whether it's because of people ordering stuff from Germany, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, USA, France,... or even from countries like Australia, South Africa, Brazil, India, Japan,..... just sayin...

    31 Out 12h09 Responder
  • Maquina_Muerte

    kinda late response, but: Bolt Thrower only sold shirts as far as i know (5 different designs).... 13 euro a piece... no cd's or lp's or patches....

    31 Out 12h01 Responder
  • M0rbidBoy

    Best death metal riffs!!!!

    3 Out 16h15 Responder
  • zombiegrave

    WER hat 2 Karten ? Nina will noch mal nach ANDERNACH, dringend melden, danke

    2 Out 17h56 Responder
  • Amontherion

    @zombiegrave: ja gestern in Saarbrücken, absolut geniale Show!

    2 Out 5h36 Responder
  • Evilmantheone

    Well, i have my answer: France date, many shirts available at the merch, but unfortunately no sweat, LP, patches or CD... a bit disappointed about that, but about the price, it's unbelievable: 12€ for all shirts. That's what i call a gift, from a band like that, they could easily sell them for twice the price, but they do not want, some bands like Motorhead can't say the same (30€for a shirt at their gig, great, and they're touring everywhere every year every week...). Amazing gig otherwise, don't miss them, it worth every cents you'll spend for your ticket.

    1 Out 15h16 Responder
  • GodofDeathMetal

    This band destroys. By the way, awesome Pinkie Pie avatar, ArrTheMesia!

    1 Out 4h49 Responder
  • anti_1

    Ja und das Konzert war gigantisch! Backstage München komplett ausverkauft, tolle Stimmung und eine super Set-List.

    29 Set 14h59 Responder
  • zombiegrave

    Deutschland - Tour: War jemand schon in der BRD auf einem Konzert und mag mal berichten? Hm? * stups *

    29 Set 12h15 Responder
  • Evilmantheone

    To the lucky ones who caught them on stage for the Overtures of War tour, how is their merch ? I'm especially looking to buy some vinyls (and maybe get a sign :D ? ) at their show if the price is correct, how much about the price and what is available ? Please respond in my shoutbox if you got the information. Gotta see them tuesday, can't wait. I'm gonna exterminate my wallet.

    26 Set 21h25 Responder
  • duut

    Gonna see them tonight, can't fuckn wait! :D

    20 Set 6h58 Responder
  • JoseMariaAznar

    all this "don't want to put out anything that's not up to par with TOL" is getting ridiculous. C'mon guys it can't be that difficult for BT to make another war death metal album!, even if it wasn't TOL surely they must have written plenty of stuff these past years! If its BT its good enough for me.

    15 Set 19h35 Responder
  • jmedran

    I don't get the point of stopping. So what if Those Once Loyal was the perfect album, so is Carcass' Heartwork, and then they went and made Surgical steel, which is not as good but still GREAT.

    12 Set 4h48 Responder
  • nathix13

    i saw the girl and thought it is a chicks death metal band look around oh no the others are dudes

    4 Set 0h17 Responder
  • ArrTheMesia

    It was a joke, I'm against any the real wars, except for computer games. All hail Bolt Thrower!

    30 Ago 10h46 Responder
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