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  • lfelipecosta

    The first solo is perfect melancholy. [2]

    outubro 2014
  • mounthopeless

    nice wiki

    julho 2014
  • theJASONagency

    You mean GBV? This doesn't really sound like Pavement.

    junho 2014
  • TylerSymes

    My favorite Pavement song.

    abril 2014
  • GreenCircles-


    dezembro 2013
  • japiface

    this song is sadly beautiful

    dezembro 2013
  • xgamer11

    Flaming Lips much??? First time I heard this I was sure it was Wayne Coyne singing "This Here Giraffe"

    novembro 2013
  • stephwho

    this song is so great

    outubro 2013

    Sounds a lot like Elliot Smith imho.

    outubro 2013
  • Revlin

    The first solo is perfect melancholy.

    outubro 2013
  • TylerSymes

    Is it me or do coxon really love Coffee?

    setembro 2013
  • highhorselady


    setembro 2013
  • glassgoat


    agosto 2013
  • DefenceMan

    great song, Graham ! btw, this is fuckin' good lo-fi !

    julho 2013
  • jakobdorof

    one of tobin sprout's best ;D

    junho 2013
  • Alice_Ulrich

    oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    janeiro 2013
  • Ziomex442


    janeiro 2013
  • Ziomex442

    sad, but awesome

    dezembro 2012
  • abbyschofield


    outubro 2012
  • silvasonicsurfa

    ...didn't recognise it as Blur.......great!.....

    outubro 2012
  • eastwestlost

    said drunken polly haha

    setembro 2012
  • caro_g

    i love this song way too much.

    agosto 2012
  • ReplicantRoy

    the pollard is strong in this one [3]

    julho 2012
  • PaperChampion90

    Graham's Across The Universe

    julho 2012
  • vanwyngardens

    i really don't have any words for this song

    maio 2012
  • idontknowfuck

    ur so great

    abril 2012
  • mdrnlifeisrbsh

    Such a cute song. I love Graham's voice on this.

    abril 2012
  • Miss-Kei

    My favorite word phrase to say to people. :D

    março 2012
  • gabystarlight

    Still one of my favourite Blur songs. Graham is so great. <3

    março 2012
  • AudioBrick

    omg. great solo

    janeiro 2012
  • vanwyngardens

    always, actually.

    janeiro 2012
  • vanwyngardens

    still amazing

    janeiro 2012
  • daltonls

    the pollard is strong in this one

    janeiro 2012
  • yaxartes_river

    guitar outro makes me cry, so beautiful.

    dezembro 2011
  • wholovesthesun-

    I absolutely love this song, never fails to pick me up.

    dezembro 2011
  • crustlesspie


    dezembro 2011
  • uncare

    arrghhhh i still cant handle this song. cute as fuck

    novembro 2011
  • snafflebot

    for the record, it's 'GT and coffee' as in gin and tonic, which would be a rather nice way to start the day :p

    novembro 2011
  • wilcaz

    this fuckin song

    outubro 2011
  • hangthatdj


    outubro 2011
  • clenchedteeth

    best blur song for me. lo-fi acoustics with musty guitar solo, a masterpiece.

    setembro 2011
  • Bolshevized

    Damnit, I thought he was saying "DT and coffee", but I think he says "tea, tea, and coffee" instead.

    setembro 2011
  • Modzio666

    that guitar

    setembro 2011
  • IndieBritrock

    I Fucking Love This Song Is An a acoustic masterpiece I Love You Graham

    julho 2011
  • RatzaChewy

    Listening to GBV eh? [2] Playing Vampire on Titus for the first time and it's amazing how close You're So Great it is to World of Fun production wise

    julho 2011
  • ginanightmare

    i love graham's voice and this song

    julho 2011
  • Broken_Cloud

    from graham to damon

    julho 2011
  • AngryGermanKid

    Thank you, Graham, you gave me a sign

    junho 2011
  • JanLustiger

    Have I declared my love for this song on this shout box yet? No? Well, then it is done now!

    maio 2011
  • letsmeslipaway

    Fucking awesome. I absolutely love Graham's work on this.

    maio 2011