• Kirkland Lake-January 20

    Jan 21 2010, 19h00 por WLDB

    Well I've just returned from another Blue Rodeo concert. I'm not sure if this is number five or six for me. Kind of neat that I waited six years to see them for the first time and have now lost count of the number of times I've seen them.

    The last time I saw them was in Kapuskasing back in July. It was a hot, poorly ventilated arena where alcohol flowed freely and clothes were optional. The total opposite of tonight's show.

    Tonight's show in Kirkland Lake took place in a small 500 seat auditorium. According to the page promoting it this is the smallest venue of the tour. I was worried that I wasn't going to get a good seat as it was general admission and there was a huge line when I arrived. Then I entered the auditorium and saw that there wasn't a bad seat in the place. I managed to get a fifth row seat. This was by far the smallest venue I've ever been to for a concert. It was like the shows they used to put on in high school-except with better acoustics and a better sound system.
  • Blue Rodeo in Kapuskasing on July 25th

    Jul 26 2009, 15h57 por WLDB

    Last night I saw Blue Rodeo for the fourth time. As usual they put on a very good show. I went with Chris, the same fellow I went to the Neil Young concert with.
    We left to go to Kapuskasing at about 3:45 PM. I thought that would be cutting it close as the doors open at 7, turns out we weren’t cutting it close at all. We arrived at around 5:30 and the first thing we decided to do was get food. We went to a local restaurant and they were packed so we went another block to Caseys. As we were approaching the building Jim Cuddy came out of it. We were both surprised. What surprised us more was that he couldn’t get in, apparently that place was packed too with wait times of up to an hour for a table. So we ended up having to settle for a chip stand, not sure what Jim ended up doing.
    We then got in line at the arena sometime around 6:40 and they let us in at 7:15. The arena got very hot very fast. At the back of the arena there was an open door and that was it for ventilations. …