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  • youseeyourgypsy

    Takes me back to my childhood!

    agosto 2012
  • princecheeky

    ♥ Sandman

    junho 2012
  • AreYouaFriar

    Tame Impala cover FTW!!!

    maio 2012
  • polisherci

    In the videoclip of "Remember Me", there is a woman who looks exactly like Sarah Jessica Parker. And no, no horses in the clip. Just sayin'.

    março 2012
  • joydivision1980

    epic tune....

    dezembro 2011
  • HeadShop

    If someone have any demos from the SWEDISH HEAVY METAL BAND Blue Boy, please contact me!

    outubro 2010
  • starcalibre

    Anyone else here lead here by the Tame Impala cover?

    agosto 2010
  • triplox


    agosto 2010
  • miwa00

    ここはどうにも同盟アーティストの扱いが微妙なので、、今から20年位前に活動していた日本のバンド「Blue Boy」はカタカナで「ブルーボーイ」のページがありますので、カタカナの「ブルーボーイ」でお聴きくださいませ。

    maio 2010
  • balzadelia

    remember me is 70% but great still

    fevereiro 2010
  • CherFanGay

    Remember me.. I was 11 years old and i was tryin to say whatever she says :D gingegegengengenge haha :D it was fucking awesome.. i still love it :D

    junho 2009
  • TheAbbott

    Is any song except Rememer Me worth the listening?

    fevereiro 2009
  • ClosedForRepair

    Blue Boy was also an AMAZING Calypso/Soca artist, but I've never heard stuff that wasn't from compilations. Any extra info about him would be appreciated.

    março 2008
  • emergingsynergy

    The album covers show the band as Blueboy. There is an album, by another artist, called Blue Boy.

    fevereiro 2008
  • protonemata

    this is blueboy (indie pop band) description not blue boy

    janeiro 2008
  • rosenkranctz

    remember me rox!

    setembro 2007
  • CadillacJack

    what a non-informative description, who wrote that crap?

    março 2007