• Timekilling.

    Jan 26 2010, 6h59 por HighLordMhoram

    1. What is your name?
    Song: Situazion: Lebensgefahr
    Comments: Fail. Good song, but completely irrelevant.

    2. Will you get far in life?
    Song: Tomorrows Dead
    Comments: Given that I have a fair chance of dying any day with no warning, it seems appropriate.

    3. How can you get far in life?
    Song: No More Tears
    Comments: Seems about right. It's served me well thus far.

    4. What is your profession?
    Song: Intro
    Comments: Ahahaha. Sure, why not?

    5. What do you really want from life?
    Song: Human(Intro)
    Comments: No. I hate humans in general.

    6. What should you do to help others?
    Song: Tyrants
    Comments: I'd actually be a pretty damn benevolent dictator, so yes. But I'd hate every moment of it. I don't want a burden like that.

    7. What should you do to help yourself?
    Song: Walk, Don't Run You Fucking Idiot
    Comments: Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I love my track renames.

    8. Will you succeed in life?
    Song: Ephemeral
    Comments: I'll succeed in life for one day only? Yeah, that doesn't surprise me in the least.
  • Guild Wars first PvP, and some albums that I intend to buy.

    Out 10 2005, 17h46 por marxeonist

    On Friday I got round to playing some Guild Wars PvP for the first time. (PvP is effectively 2 teams of people fighting each other, for want of a better explanation). Obviously teamwork is crucial, and the class I play as - Elementalist/Mesmer - is effectively the traditional RPG mage, with a few interesting perks that I'll come to later. I can potentially do a lot of damage, but get cut to pieces quickly if any sharp implements get too close.

    This means that warriors are an occupational hazard, but besides running away I don't have any skills to counter them right now. But after a while, I was getting better at countering them, and I re-arranged some of my attributes to allow me to be more efective. The end result of this was that I obtained a spell that instantly stops someone casting a spell, and makes them lose some of their energy (read 'mana' RPG fans). It's a pretty evil spell, but it's definitely fun to use. Perhaps the evilness is part of the attraction.