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  • karlkandinsky

    great track

    julho 2012
  • seasiderone

    i thought it was stan ridgway as well !

    março 2012
  • morticiagurl

    Hmmmmmm, I love pickers. Especially Frank and Mike.

    julho 2011
  • karunamaitri

    There used to be a place in Hobart where you could buy clothes and cameras and cool stuff salvaged from the the garbage dump. I bought an awesome red 50s cocktail dress there...but it was sort of falling apart and I ended up throwing it out again...

    janeiro 2011
  • Tom_Pullings

    This is a treasure.

    setembro 2010
  • TheAmericanRuse

    Greatest lyrics ever!

    fevereiro 2010
  • SzczerbatyBober

    Reminds me Stan Ridgway, a lot. :)

    outubro 2009
  • countdooku

    Okay, I admit it, I'm a garbage picker. I guess that's why I picked you.

    setembro 2008
  • Risley


    julho 2008