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Black Sabbath


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Birmingham, Inglaterra (1968 – presente)

Formada em Birmingham, Inglaterra, em 1968, a banda Black Sabbath foi a pioneira em lançar as fundações do heavy metal que assaltou a música popular nos anos 1970 e 1980. A maneira diferente de tocar - som cru, pesado - com letras mais fortes - abordando temas místicos tornaram-se o modelo para inúmeros grupos que se seguiram. Seu álbum homônimo de 1970 continua sendo um dos mais inovativos e influentes da história do rock.

O quarteto composto por Ozzy Osbourne (vocalista), Tony Iommi (guitarrista), Geezer Butler (baixista) e Bill Ward (baterista), inicialmente se chamou Polka Tulk e mais tarde Earth. Tomaram de assalto o circuito de pubs e clubes de sua cidade natal, com muita energia, blues e rock. Companheiros de escola e vizinhos em Birmingham, o grupo ganhou muitos seguidores na Inglaterra e em 1969 mudaram seu nome para Black Sabbath. O novo nome espelhava a imagem escura, pesada e mística da banda, seu gosto por temas sobrenaturais; além de ser o nome de um filme de terror e magia negra de mesmo nome, do qual o baixista Geezer Butler era grande fã.

Ainda em 1969 entraram em estúdio para gravar o seu primeiro disco. O álbum Black Sabbath chegou ao Top 10 das paradas britânicas, onde permaneceu por três meses e valeu à banda um grupo de fãs fervorosos em ambos os lados do atlântico.


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  • flaviovigatto

    Vol4 is great!

    2 horas atrás Responder
  • Pollepard

    Master of Reality & Heaven and Hell, for sure!

    22 Dez 20h32 Responder
  • SergeyBolnoy

    Здрасьтите! А? Таки вышел первый альбом нашей новой с Виктором Э. группы. Альбом называется Шаткий Мост Над Бесконечной Пропастью. Пожалуйста. А тута опрос.

    18 Dez 12h46 Responder
  • metalkillthekin


    17 Dez 15h04 Responder
  • kayto1996

    yeah i know where that is coming from :)....actually heavy metal term was coined from a sounds writer describing the sound of led zeppelin....he said there sound was like a ton of metal falling on you from the skies

    14 Dez 20h58 Responder
  • MisterJunior

    Priest is definitely one of the innovators of the sound, too. Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Rainbow, AC/DC and probably a bunch of other groups I'm forgetting all paved the way for the metal artists of today. Now you're making me want to listen to some Judas Priest...

    14 Dez 19h44 Responder
  • kayto1996

    mmmmm i would say judas priest influenced metal more than early the metal sound tends to be more in line with the modern bands of today

    14 Dez 18h13 Responder
  • MetalRock1989

    Heaven and Hell <3

    14 Dez 14h14 Responder
  • MisterJunior

    @necro_daemon I'd say most Sabbath is more an influence on the doom metal genre than proper doom metal. It gets a little iffy, I suppose, because the early records (in particular Master of Reality) are the most influential on doom but the band made music concurrent with early doom bands in the 80s like Pentagram and St. Vitus. Anyway, whether you call them doom metal, heavy metal or just metal, almost no metal would exist today without Sabbath.

    13 Dez 23h46 Responder
  • flaviovigatto

    Iommi: Master of the Riffs.

    13 Dez 12h13 Responder
  • necro_daemon

    where is doom metal, blues tags ?

    12 Dez 21h55 Responder
  • kayto1996

    pfft tumbleweed :)

    11 Dez 0h43 Responder
  • MikeySchenker

    "so I'm happy to own and listen to all eras of Black Sabbath" Same here, love the diversity in material, different era's. Keeps a band fresh during that a long career I suppose...

    7 Dez 15h51 Responder
  • kayto1996

    the dvd's exist and the reason they have been able to say about the record companies involvement in the name ,is because of contractual changes releasing them from prior agreements.the dvd that comes to the last supper's title escapes me at the mo' coz my son borrowed it.....but i have watched a number of are you saying that wiki is factually incorrect ? or in a conspiracy with me to prove you wrong ?..finally taking that popularity is not how to value music,number of times you listen to bands do you gauge how good a band is ?

    6 Dez 20h37 Responder
  • kayto1996

    O.k. firstly ...trolls have accounts that have little to no scrobbles and no friends....sound familiar ? secondly your scrobble account would go some way to credit your opinion..showing that you do actually listen to the incarnations of sabbath you hold so dear ,for all we know you never listen to Sabbath and just like to bait people.Yes i have a stereo system and you can actually scrobble using cogscrobbler ,i also have a sonos system that i mainly listen to . In the past ,you have trolled me etc so it has nothing to do with discrediting you.The intelligence part is based on your comments suggesting that metalheads are all the same.... liking only ozzy and would not be bothered to find the other bands.....all fans compare and will have tried the others,abandoning them because there not what they like.....that's popularity..and one of the ways music is valued ,its also why record companies see the Sabbath name as product

    6 Dez 20h29 Responder
  • venusian_sea

    it has nothing to with intelligence, most people just don't know about post-ozzy sabbath simply because it's not very well known and it wasn't very successful mostly, so people mainly care about the popular stuff as usual. i don't have those sabbath dvds but I highly doubt the band would claim to have been forced to keep their name by the record label because the label wouldn't want such claims officially on a dvd. where can i read that interview? sorry wikipedia is no credible source as anyone should know

    6 Dez 9h56 Responder
  • venusian_sea

    see now because you're desperate you start with ad hominems to discredit me, nice try but it's pretty obvious.. what do scrobbles matter? how do they "reinforce" my opinion on anything? it's completely irrelevant to this debate what I listen to or how much I've listened to anything. and maybe you didn't think about it but some people actually don't listen to music on a computer but instead on a good old stereo system which does not scrobble.. i also don't see what makes me a troll, but I guess that's another one of your strategies to discredit people, just label them trolls and be done with it..

    6 Dez 9h51 Responder
  • kayto1996

    sources of opinion........several interviews on Sabbath dvd's......bill ward leaving the band whilst on the heaven and hell tour and subsequent interviews given (he was really upset in the way ozzy was dismissed) he also complained that dio changed the song structures...pls read the wikipedia page on Sabbath.......being a long term fan the press releases that i've read over many years that helped reinforce my got any ?

    5 Dez 20h55 Responder
  • kayto1996

    or is it were too dumb to know what good music is ?

    5 Dez 20h46 Responder
  • kayto1996

    @venusian......your showing constraint by now you would have been insulting me by now......appears you may have learnt that once you start swearing /personal insults you've lost your maybe you are learning something from me :) it would help if you had a real account rather than the troll account your presenting on this page ...we can't see your scrobbles etc to strenghten your position.i don't need to hide in that way, so you can see what musical trends i have ,which will confirm my opinions stated here about Sabbath.Its funny coz misterjunoir actually has scrobbles showing his trend...and yes none are literally accurate but they show the trend for yourself nothing to show and yet you talk so authoratively about what the average fan knows.......few of the metalheads you describe would even bother to have last fm's obvious the reason that post ozzy bands are ignored because we aren't intelligent enough to know of there existence

    5 Dez 20h45 Responder
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