The use of dreams as a songwriting device usually results in far more misses than hits. While there are certainly a few gleaming examples out in the pop canon, from the Everly Brothers’ “All I Have to Do is Dream” to Bob Dylan’s 115th to Shakira’s “Ojos Así,” for the most part, any sort of visio is relegated as an easy crutch, or a cheap excuse for an artist to engage in whatever fanciful crap they can throw onto a lyric sheet while still claiming artistic “vision.”

All of which makes what Bigott does all the more special. If his music has a modus operandi, it’s undoubtedly the examination of dream-like states. However, Bigott doesn’t see dreams as a metaphor for real-life, what’s revealed within each song is a mini-examination of one-man’s carnal psyche. Sex, death, booze, pretty flowers, prettier girls; these are the subjects of an average Bigott song, with all of the obsessions, narcissism, and neuroses that accompany them.

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