• Help, I'm trapped inside a giant trombone!!

    Jan 8 2006, 2h14 por PlanetGroucho

    It was 1am. I just woke up inside a large trombone, my head was bustin' and my eyes were dry, I could hardly see. I got up on my feet, a small elephant was whispering sweet nothings inside my ear. At least I wasn't alone?

    I cleaned the crust from my eyes, it hurt a bit. There were words smudged all over the walls, I think they read "my sunshine dolly", it reminded me of an old track by Beck where he says "...like a giant dildo crushing the sun...", it was called 'Pay No Mind'. I love that track, I first heard it on a bus on my way home from Spain when my Mum had mistakenly bought Mellow Gold thinking it was a Jeff Beck album. When she realised the tracklisting had a song called Mother Fucker she gave it a quick listen, then passed it over to me thinking I might like it. Which I did, I listened to that album over and over again. In fact I listened to that album all the way from Spain to Scotland, it was about a day and a half!