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  • AtarashiSoul

    This song is one that should always be played loudly!

    maio 2014
  • Dakota3131

    ♥ inme,onme, myeyes

    fevereiro 2014
  • Pippykinz

    I love that humming air conditioning unit bassline. The whole song just sounds so full of colourful synth sounds, it's like drowning in a glass of tropical fruit juice.

    setembro 2013
  • strom-z

    One of the best songs of the year [2] a smash hit

    dezembro 2012
  • thehatchet777

    holy shit the music video is fucking trippy as shit

    junho 2012
  • fraumiau

    luv ya much for this <3

    junho 2012
  • bernhl87

    I agree with saintdeuce

    junho 2012
  • ardaardaarda

    pet shop boys? (2)

    junho 2012
  • saintdeuce

    something about the combination of synths and the lyrics of this just gets to me. I love it. :)

    maio 2012
  • BobbyAnalog

    I bet Ryan Gosling listens to this when he's lady killing.

    abril 2012
  • TheTallMan

    One of the best songs of the year

    abril 2012
  • kaosh

    george michael, is that you?

    março 2012
  • gingerbreadgit

    The synths in this are great, Also the vocals are very reminiscent of somebody but i can't put my finger on it. Apart from maybe T.E.E.D?

    março 2012
  • floaton1001

    I can't believe I didn't like them before....this song is almost flawless

    março 2012
  • MyNameIsEno

    Daylight won't stop the flashing lights!

    março 2012
  • Supermacross

    great song

    março 2012
  • megsins

    last 37 seconds

    março 2012
  • KGB-Dyst

    so dance with me..

    março 2012
  • Introducing

    this fucking song

    janeiro 2012
  • Linkletter


    janeiro 2012
  • Ddomasi

    awesome, i can't stop listening to this

    janeiro 2012
  • jayrayriv

    Definitely. In the best possible way.

    janeiro 2012
  • J0ERG

    @Morelli, thought exactly the same..

    janeiro 2012