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  • hf1809

    geil it this sound**********

    março 2015
  • kindred777707

    one of the populer rave songs at my club :3

    junho 2012
  • DreamConscious

    Davai, davai!

    maio 2012
  • Fisherkyle228

    WOW>I like this genre, Euro-dance is really good listening to. AND Basshunter !!!

    abril 2012
  • daisystarr18

    never heard it b4 but i really enjoyed this one

    fevereiro 2012
  • jonnammoi

    One of best song by Basshunter! ♥

    fevereiro 2012
  • AAW25

    never gets old

    dezembro 2011
  • GuiPandini

    Привет... Как дела?

    agosto 2011
  • wika941


    agosto 2011
  • TheLitHorizon

    this is a great song

    junho 2011
  • player2aj

    love this song

    março 2011
  • AnotherKoshka

    this is gooood

    março 2011
  • Lewiswontdie95


    março 2011
  • YarikAdNi

    Ахаха))) Давай-давай!!! =D

    fevereiro 2011
  • MatiZneedSpeed1

    I LOVE Basshunter - Russian Privjet (Chromeboy 2nd Remix)

    janeiro 2011
  • arfaminute

    sounds like scooter and all those other euro cheesey choons, not good

    janeiro 2011
  • myliverandlungs

    I just love the energy in this song. Basshunter definitely got the Russian party feel right in here. I know it can be stereotypical of Russians and how they party, but it is soooooo true that you often hear them go privet and davai davai hundreds of times one night at a Russian party, lol.

    dezembro 2010
  • goodtohear

    ..on top..

    dezembro 2010
  • blackkittee13

    I'm thinking Star Wars music done Cascada style?? :) I like it, just trying to figure out what it reminds me of.

    dezembro 2010
  • blackkittee13

    Lots of energy .. I hear several familiar tunes in this song, can't figure out what songs it reminds me of.

    dezembro 2010
  • Dannyelle11

    basshunter <33

    novembro 2010
  • SWchef


    outubro 2010
  • gengerkid06

    enjoying the techno beat

    outubro 2010
  • Neon_Spadezzz

    This song is so cool. 0__o.

    outubro 2010
  • TrickyNishidake

    This song is like a Taco Bell quesadilla: a cheesy cultural stereotype, but still awesome.

    setembro 2010
  • TheOneHalf

    awesome song very catchy! :D

    setembro 2010
  • Psycheftw

    here is text of this song: ya lyublyu russkich dyevushik (i love russian girls) privyet, russia (hello russia) Russia, put your hands up in the air Bass privyet, russia

    setembro 2010
  • xPyros

    If this isn't catchy, then I don't know what is.

    agosto 2010
  • boingloing

    soo happy I found the simfile for this. Privjet!(it means hello, if you didn't know)

    agosto 2010
  • AnphysGirl

    Russians know how to party :P

    agosto 2010
  • crash911

    Favorite BASSHUNTER song

    agosto 2010
  • minispudster

    pretty much my favorite song of his, BASSHUNTER FTW!!!!!!

    agosto 2010
  • travalanche23


    agosto 2010
  • xGuiltyPleasure


    julho 2010
  • TakeyaIkuhara


    julho 2010
  • ilidan679

    Strong Beat in this one Dudes.

    junho 2010
  • mine4659

    sweet yo

    junho 2010
  • eba4


    junho 2010
  • smnaab37

    sick beatttt

    maio 2010
  • joeybuddy96

    Poot your leetle hands op in dee air leetle babies!

    maio 2010
  • djoffunk

    a great song.

    maio 2010
  • EvilGamer89

    My favorite track other than DOTA, since I play Warcraft 3, lol

    maio 2010
  • maikal88

    pervij raz slisy

    maio 2010
  • ElfenLove001

    Love it!

    maio 2010

    Love The Song <3

    abril 2010
  • Sasha_Motionles

    privet from russia !:D

    abril 2010
  • AW3S0M3


    abril 2010
  • Ilya-42

    "Ya lyublu russkih devushek!" © Basshunter

    abril 2010
  • HolaEspino

    Nice nice nice!

    abril 2010
  • clutsydork

    time to dance tecktonik!!!! awsome song to dance to. <3 it =)

    março 2010