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  • Boscarboz

    every volum n point in famouse love singer!,, nice song thx

    agosto 2011
  • cinnamondearie


    julho 2011
  • vicsprieta

    Oh-me-oh-my-oh. Real female MC!

    março 2011

    Yessssssir...................That´s Music we talking about.......cbp-musica 2011

    fevereiro 2011
  • Philson91

    always thought, this one was one of dwele... man, i'm just dreaming away, chillin' around in amsterdam to this one. although this song is for philly, it just reminds me of my time in amsterdam. much respect, 4sure.

    fevereiro 2011
  • T_boogie

    That,s what,s up! Where ya been? Lovin it!!!!!

    janeiro 2011
  • SpizeMikkie

    best soul music

    janeiro 2011
  • onehiphopjunkie

    dope instrumental

    outubro 2010
  • goodybar

    You Baddd!

    outubro 2010
  • RaggaBeatz

    O, My

    outubro 2010
  • earlwiggs


    fevereiro 2010
  • steveisms

    my 2nd fave female rapper.....MUCH RESPECT !!!!!

    setembro 2009
  • lookingup

    what about the original ?

    agosto 2009
  • Pimpstick75

    Whew so heavy!

    junho 2009
  • ram-1-der

    the whole album was soaked in soul... Bahamadia is one of the illest females to ever represent the culture we know and love so much... MUCH RESPECT

    abril 2009
  • selectaL

    This track is great, but this is from someone playing around with it on a mixer. How about the original version?

    dezembro 2008
  • Epidermic

    Long time no hear this incredible lyri sista

    setembro 2007