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  • Harboni

    will always love the master of Blues.......

    fevereiro 2014
  • waltmartin

    okay ... "Hail The King!" ... Used to play Mr B.B.King for my behavioral wing patients (otherwise known as "inmates") in "the big house" (NJ State Prison - Main) ... I hit with 49 out of 50 - An' I'm still alive ta tell ya that we all got along swimmingly !

    outubro 2013
  • srdjstuka

    All hail The King!

    março 2013
  • TWHsr

    This guy sure has it..

    junho 2012
  • p-each


    junho 2012
  • maryjanegirls

    bob your heads to the king

    abril 2012
  • supermediadave me some B.B. King.

    março 2012

    WOW !!!!!!!

    fevereiro 2012
  • Mactele52

    Love it!

    fevereiro 2012
  • rolsroyse

    cool und mellow !

    fevereiro 2012
  • king1960

    nobody does it better, end of story

    novembro 2011
  • Luciphyre

    I agree with Patty this is the shit! Becuse there only one man who play the eletric guitar like that & thats BB himself. Keep on doin what you doin BB as long you play i'lol be listening.

    outubro 2011
  • LFireproof


    setembro 2011
  • mango119

    @ Patty how could this be shit, it is a song isn't it?

    setembro 2011
  • PattySauce

    Man this is the sh*t!!! He is the king!

    setembro 2011
  • Rhymepainter

    ...Met BB when he played her last year in Sept.....Introduced Nephew to Him....

    agosto 2011
  • MePoppa

    Ms Vernola

    julho 2011
  • ludditelen

    Oh yes yes yes.

    maio 2011
  • Foggster

    mighty, mighty king

    abril 2011
  • iamdavidchavez

    The call him the King for a reason.

    janeiro 2011
  • WeeWullie

    so cool............give me more

    dezembro 2010
  • whiteboy32386

    this song is one of my favorites, but this version is bleh.

    novembro 2010
  • tokado

    Love it!!!

    outubro 2010
  • luoweichao


    outubro 2010
  • generalhospital

    Once you're hooked on the blues there just ain't no going back!!!!!! What an absolute awesome sound when done to perfection!!!!! As with this awesome man & this awesome song!!!!!

    setembro 2010
  • generalhospital

    Hot damn this is so damn awesome!!!!!!

    setembro 2010
  • harryno

    Immer wieder ein Genuss!!!

    setembro 2010
  • lajana3

    B.B. King - the KING of BLUES for sure !!! <3<3<3

    setembro 2010
  • GioLibonati


    agosto 2010
  • Mii85

    turada tiiii tuuuuuu!!! [2] I love the blues!!

    julho 2010
  • mikesimpson


    junho 2010
  • vangelicmonk

    oh man. I miss the blues. I have to listen to it more.

    maio 2010
  • pottyblues

    turada tiiii tuuuuuu!!!

    abril 2010
  • rythmking

    This is great music.

    abril 2010
  • Soulsunart


    abril 2010
  • yazbowe

    Ouch! B.B. don't hurt nobody baby.

    março 2010
  • pone2none

    lighting in a bottle . classic blues documentry.

    março 2010
  • morticiagurl

    He may be sittin' down, but he ain't slowin' down. He said that at one of his concerts and it was true! I hope he's still strumming Lucille until the day he dies!

    março 2010
  • GG-is-in

    This the life just sittin' around and listening to blues like this. Now I can die a happy man.

    janeiro 2010
  • caseychinn

    The King!

    setembro 2009
  • mrsbowes

    A True Legend!

    maio 2009
  • The_Real_UnR

    San Quentin belt buckle! Whoo!

    maio 2009
  • yenko2

    The Best

    abril 2009
  • dondady


    abril 2009
  • ilievski


    março 2009
  • slombas

    da king! youh!

    março 2009
  • sandradolly

    Love Mr King so much

    março 2009
  • ZonaTonyD

    There is no equal to the great B.B. King.

    fevereiro 2009
  • badius1984

    eres el más grande,el rey del blues.

    fevereiro 2009
  • germanrock

    the king of blues

    fevereiro 2009